Does anyone want the next generation of handhelds?

Brutal Gamer writes:

With the muted strains of inebriated Old Lang Syne dying in the distance we’ve been witness to an onslaught of news, speculation and features about the upcoming Nintendo 3DS release. Adding to that mix over the past few days has been the practical confirmation of the Sony PSP2 console. The thing I ask is – do we really need what either vendor is peddling?

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iamnsuperman2886d ago

I will only get a PSP2 if it does something amazing and life altering in conjunction with my PS3 but the likelihood of that happening is very unlikely.

moosehound2886d ago

The question is what could it really do... maybe share game saves so you could progress a story on teh move then take it back up again when you get home? That would at least justify the technical specs of the unit.

TheLastGuardian2886d ago (Edited 2886d ago )

Maybe when you log on to your PSP2 you will see all your PS3 friends. I'm hoping that the PSP2 games will have trophies that add to your PS3 trophy collection. It would be pretty cool if more Sony published games would be on PSP2 and PS3 and if they had online multiplayer it could allow PSP2 and PS3 players to play together.

If the PSP2 is really as powerful as current gen consoles, I expect to see many multiplatform games that would normally only be on the PS3 and 360. Don't underestimate Sony. I'm expecting something close to a PS3 on the go. A handheld with blockbuster titles in 3D, 3G online gaming on the go with bluetooth headsets. You know, the coolest handheld ever. A man can dream. The PSP2 has great potential and in the hands of Sony it's bound to be a great handheld.

darthv722886d ago

I do.

Then again I buy all the new systems so its a given.

Pixel_Enemy2886d ago

Same here. I got rid of my DS and PSP and I am patiently waiting for the next gen to roll out

schlanz2885d ago

@ Pixel_Enemy

Why get rid of them? They still have some great games coming out for both.

solidt122886d ago

I might make a impulse purchase but Im really ready for a new console by end of year. I really think Microsoft should drop the next system early 2012. Mainly because my 360 died twice and I refuse to buy another one this generation. The PS3 should still be around for another 2-3 years though.

R_aVe_N2886d ago

I don't think parents want it at all. I personally will not be buying them. I have already told my child the only thing she might get is the PSP2 as long as it is worth it. She will not be getting a 3DS for any reason at all.

AWBrawler2886d ago

and another Sony Fan is born. Why no 3DS?

TheLastGuardian2886d ago (Edited 2886d ago )

3DS can cause damage to children's eyes. It can possibly make them go blind.

RedDead2886d ago

Haha I wouldn't be surprised if the Psp2 is also 3d. Seeing as Sony are the main ones trying to bring £d into the minstream. So what then?

sleepy32886d ago


You know there is no evidence of it either way anyway. And news flash, even 2d viewing is dangerous to their eyes!!

If you try to protect your kid from everything that is POTENTIALLY dangerous you would keep them in a bubble. No running, no dirt, no food, no contact with other humans, no contact with animals, no nothing.

kramun2886d ago


Lol, do you work for The Daily Mail?

TheLastGuardian2886d ago

I hope the PSP2 is in 3D

Nintendo themselves warned people that children under 6 shouldn't play 3DS in 3D.

idk what The Daily Mail is.

AWBrawler2886d ago

sounds like an excuse. they claimed Tvs can do the same. Do u hide your kids from cows too, since they produce methane gas? Do u make them wear helmets when they ride a bike? make sure their ipods isn't turned up too loud to damage their hearing?

My point is everything on this planet can potentially mess up something on our body, and the odds of going blind because of 3DS (you can turn the 3D off anyway) is the same as going deaf because of an ipod

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sleepy32886d ago

That seems rather dumb. seeing as the 3ds is revolutionising the game with glasses less 3d and the fcat that many of her friends will have it with the new games which can be linked. Will suck to be the only one in school not sharing and battling pokemon and instead playing gta 5 or something that the kids at school won't care about.

Not to mention, most likely the 3ds will be cheaper and will use batteries at a less alarming rate, and because its lower spec than the psp2 and made with kids as a major target (i don't know the psp2 specs but i'm guessing), it will be far less prone to being destroyed by her than a high tech psp2.

If your kid asks you for a 3ds, just get the kid a 3ds, don't let your own brand loyalty get in the way.

sashimi2886d ago (Edited 2886d ago )

The 3DS is not a revolution in glasses less 3D gaming atleast not on that small screen.It cannot be compared to the quality of 3D that consoles and PC brings even if it is with glasses.

As far as which handheld to get for kids, IMO if they like the DS then get them the 3DS if they like the Psp then get them the Psp2. Kids will like what they like not what they are told to like just because X company sells a product targeted at their demographic.

R_aVe_N2886d ago

I have said this countless times I will not own a 3DS because of health issues with eyes. It has nothing to do with brand loyalty. If the PSP2 has 3D I will not be getting that either it is that simple. Just because some of you are fanboys doesn't mean everybody else is.

@sleepy3 - I am the damn parent here not you she gets what I get her. So you can stfu. It was my opinion and not you or anybody else will change my mind.

AWBrawler2886d ago

Thank God my dad was nothing like you lol. he was tech illiterate.
If he was like you i wouldn't even be typing this right now, because this laptop is dangerous for my eyes, because its a widescreen and i have to sit so close to it.

I'm not saying get her a 3DS, but not getting a kid something for a petty reason that lets you justify fanboyism is just sad.
Hel, I got my older brother's first 360 for him, and I'm scared as hell of the red ring, but I knew that was the best B-day gift I could ever get him.

byeGollum2886d ago

to be honest
there's still no need for them (yet)
they won't do much different in comparison to what we have now
but people will buy it anyways .. so it's not like it matters if we want it or not lol

Stealth20k2886d ago (Edited 2886d ago )

Everyone wants these

Handhelds have never been this popular ever

The ds has been around 8 years......the psp 7.....its time for the next gen handhelds but that doesnt mean support for the ds/psp will stop.

The ds/psp were amazing handhelds. Made this gen not suck.

As long as development costs are kept a generation behind (which it seems these 2 handhelds do) I see no reason not to expect succeess

schlanz2885d ago

DS and PSP came out about the same time, late 2004, so they have both been around for just over 6 years.

I agree they were both amazing handhelds. I fully expect the same from the next generation of them.

Do I need them? No. Want? Hell yes.

DenyTheFacts2886d ago

Yes I want the next generation of handhelds.

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