Sony to push forward PlayStation 4 plans if PS3 support wanes after jailbreak?

There's been so much written about the PlayStation 3 jailbreak in recent weeks that it's all too easy to glaze over the facts and put it down as another victory for piracy. But after numerous commentators speculated that this is one exploit Sony can't fight back against and that the PS3 is actually 'cracked for good' what does this mean for the future of the console? And does it mean we're likely to see the PlayStation 4 a whole lot sooner than we were meant to be?

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Dark_Charizard2406d ago

Hell... PS2 had a shit load of piracy and Sony is supporting it 10 years later. No way the PS3 is gonna "wane". Lol.

yess2406d ago

The difference is that the PS3 have a closed network system, which the PS2 did not.
If that system breaks the PSN will be useless, or atleast broken.

I think Sony will stick to the plan, and try to repair the damage.
No need to rush.

WildArmed2406d ago

the author OBVIOUSLY didn't think his article through.
We have the prime example of piracy on console (albeit a handheld console) PSP.
Piracy is rampant on it and YET sony has been supporting it for a VERY long time..
and he actually thinks that they'll abandon PS3 just coz of jailbreak


gta28002406d ago (Edited 2406d ago )

The PSP already has a huge established piracy problem. It became a problem a long time ago...not too long after it came out and Sony didn't rush the PSP2 then, nor are they rushing it now. So the PS4 will not be rushed even if piracy becomes a problem. They're not going to give up, just like with the PSP. They will fight back.

Information Minister2406d ago

Of course the PS3 is gonna "wane", as developers turn to piracy free platforms like the Wii, the Xbox 360 and particularly the PC. Thats just common sense. /s

HappyGaming2406d ago

Seriously does Geohot walk around in the streets on his own?

You would think with 40 million pissed of PS3 owners someone would have hospitalized him by now.

Billy_Dee_Williams2406d ago

Seeing as PS3 fanboys are far from the most threatening people on the planet, I figure he should be able to roam the streets just fine.

badz1492406d ago

if you watch his arrogant face on Attack of the show, you'll want to find him and do the honor hospitalizing him yourself!

Corepred42405d ago

lol way to stereotype ps3 owners. i'm sure out of 40 million people there are some that would beat you down. hell i could i bet i could pick a couple of kids out of 40 million that would whoop you! Seriously have you noticed how high school kids look like 30 year olds nowadays!? lmao

DeadlyFire2405d ago

PS3 isn't gonna wane, but PS4 will hit in 2012/2013.

When is the last time you saw Sony land all its major IPs in one year? 2011 is packed with KILLZONE 3, Resistance 3, Uncharted 3. As well as other titles. Just seems to be a strange coincidence to me. I think something is being prepared for E3 2011/2012 to be shown off either way. A prototype and speculative CG videos of games yet to exist. I believe in the very least. One new console will show up at E3 2011. Potential to have all three, but noone knows just yet. If they do they are not telling.

matey2405d ago (Edited 2405d ago )

yes but ps2 sold at nearly the same rate as wii and its alot cheaper so attach rate of new ps2 units sold made this happen the ps3 hasnt got even 1/4 of ps2/wii sales ie why the ps4 might happen sooner rather than later when people start pirating games its over 4 ps3 the wii has been pirated 4 3 years now so all the game sales on wii have been with pirates but having 80 million units sold worldwide helps because not all them people are pirates on ps3 the game sales are the worst and now there doomed

WhittO2405d ago

I'm sure Sony will find a way to locate the hackers online somehow, just a matter of time before they get banned/bricked.

P1NKY2405d ago (Edited 2405d ago )

Has anyone heard of the Quantum Computer. Scientists have made a computer that uses Quantum Particles for the computation. I can't be bothered to explain fully but basically it uses 1, 0, 01, 10 each being a single bit. (Quantum particles can be in two places at once) However once you try to look at it, measure it etc it no longer acts like a Quantum particle so its no longer able to have 01 or 10 as a single bit.

Basically I was just thinking that in the future they could use these Quantum Particles for the securtiy measures in computers. That way if a hacker tries to look at the Root Keys of the system it will be impossible for them to see it because as soon as something looks at the Quantum Particle it stops being one, basically destroying the Root Key.

It's REALLY hard to explain in writing but I know what i'm tyring to explain. And uses these Quantum Particles could be the best type of security for computers. Obviously I don't know everything there is to know about these Quantum Particles so I don't know whether this is possible but if it is. It would make computers practically impossible to hack unless the person who came up with the Root Key told everyone what it is.

pixelsword2405d ago

This article had no proof or comments regarding the thrust of the article's point from Sony; it just made stuff up.


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KiLLUMiNATi_892406d ago (Edited 2406d ago )

Dang the ps3 hack is that bad that Sony can't do anything?? The xbox and nintendo still strong after being hacked. Idk y people making a big deal about the ps3 hacked when everything gets hack. People it is 2011 get use too it.

ChristianGamer2406d ago

Ps3 already sells less games than wii and 360, now factor in this hack and you can see how dire this can become. Look at psp, which has a similarly easy security breach, absolutely dead software-wise worldwide. Hopefully this isn't about to happen to ps3 and sony won't be pushing ps4 as psp is still supported by them, however lets not be blinded by fanboyism into naivety

zeeshan2406d ago

^ PS3 sells less games? Since when? And even if SONY has lesser amount of sales in NA it doesn't mean that they have the same situtation around the world? Think people, THINK before you speak :)

jammydude2406d ago

Sony usually sells more copies on big multiplatform releases worldwide than MS does, besides shooters (BFBC2, COD) and even so the PS3's exclusives total sales greater thann MS's exclusives (there was an article a while back that I can dig up for proof if you want)

WhittO2406d ago (Edited 2406d ago )

This is RIDICULOUS!! The PS3 is the last console to be hacked, that is all. It's not going to render every ps3 useless or something, it's JUST a HACK.
The Wii/360 and every other console does just fine even though they have been JB. It's only getting so much attention because it has taken so long for them to do it on PS3.

As for PS3 selling less games, you won't be able to use any of the online services, so what would be the point in owning games like Cod when you can't even play online? Or getting Trophies you can't share. Seems like you would miss out on alot of what games have to offer these days... and what the ps3 has to offer.

Why would you risk you PS3 getting bricked when you paid so much for it too!? Makes no sense.
I would hate to "contaminate" my PS3 & XMB with a load of hacks/glitches that would prob end up shortening it's lifespan like most jailbreaks do.

PS3n3602406d ago

The difference is that with the xbox you can't go online with a hacked console. That keeps multiplayer games profitable. With this ps3 hack sony can't tell who is using it. That makes ps3 multiplayer virtually unplayable unless you like invisible enemies unloading unlimited rocket launcher rounds up your ass all day long. People will be able to pirate hack and play these games online without paying for it. This SUCKS!!!!! The solution is to only play with people you know and trust. Sony is gonna have to hire a bunch of people to just play online all day and report abusers and have them banned. Until they make a new free id and start again.

dead_eye2405d ago

@ps3n360 Even if Sony can't detect it. Which I ain't heard Sony say so ain't gonna worry if it's true just yet. If someone cheats in a game I'm in then I'll report them and BAM Sony don't need to detect they get it reported to them for free.

You'd think the PS3 was the only thing to ever get hacked.

Seferoth752405d ago

LOL yeah dude cause every one who is using the game for free will instantly have access to cheats in the game. Too funny

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gta28002406d ago (Edited 2406d ago )

PS3 is dommed!!!! Now PS4 will be rushed! haha. These hack articles are getting ridiculous.

Where there's a will, there's a way. And Sony will patch some of these loopholes somehow. People thought the PS3 would never be hacked but it happened. Now people think the PS3 will never be fixed because of the hardware issue...but it will happen. Sony doesn't have a bunch of nerdy virgin hackers working from their moms basement like most of these hackers. They're professionals, so I have some faith they will figure something out. Sony's engineers got outsmarted this round...but they will fire back. Their engineers will work something out.

ATiElite2406d ago

I hate to say this but I'm glad the Ps3 got hacked because now all the DOOM, GLOOM, and It's DEAD articles are now being written for the PS3 instead of the PC.

back to reality.....The Ps3 will have a successful ten year life span and will be sold for a long time. If anything Sony may go ahead with their proposed upgrade add on unit which will most likely come with new security. Maybe! No Ps4 until every game looks like Uncharted 3 or better.

dead_eye2405d ago

PS3 already had it's turn with the doom and gloom articles. Should be someone elses go now ;)

dead_eye2405d ago

PS3 had it's doom and gloom articles. Time for someone else to have then ;)

davekaos2406d ago

sure piracy is the main issue now but judging from the past the console will now sell a boat load more.
Yes some software figures will fall which is a shame but on the other hand where MP is the main selling point of a game EG KZ COD SOCOM etc.. i think its titles like these that will see a huge boost in sales especially if they are boasting a file size of over 15gb

Keith Olbermann2406d ago

Did they do it with psp or ps2? No. Did MS do it when 360 was broken? No.

PS3n3602406d ago

this is more like dreamcast as it is undetectable and unpatchable.

SaturnTo2406d ago

Give it a break, The 360 and Wii have already cracked and the PC has allways been cracked but they are all doing fine! All this Crap about the PS3 hack is so old already.

Christopher2405d ago

Yeah, because they would rush out something that they normally spend a few years on developing and will need to get into developer hands two years before release... /s

BigO2405d ago

Good can't wait to try it.....