VUDU app for PS3 comes with free HD movie credit

A new VUDU app for the PS3 offers a free movie credit upon activation. $5.99 for email submit. Not a bad deal and the quality is great.

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Blacktric2501d ago

US only of course. Pff.

AnonUser55552501d ago

New? More like months old. Great "news" report.

SpitFireAce852501d ago

Thats what i thought! i guess someone is not
up to date on the latest news like LBP2,ME2
coming out tomorrow..

Grin2501d ago

This has been on the "Whats new" thing for months now.

Silly gameAr2501d ago

I rented Inception with my credit on Vudu's launch day. Rented Machine Girl and The Blob from the 2 for 2 movie deals yesterday.

cervantes992501d ago

I love VUDU. The best movie streaming service out there.

Some may think the price is a bit high at $5.99 for the HDX 1080P rental, but they can always rent the 720P or 480P movie versions for $4.99 and $3.99 respectively, which is the same as PSN/Xbox Marketplace.

I only wish they had VUDU point/Gift Cards to apply to my account.

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