Jailbreaking Your PS3: All Fun & Games Until Your Online Gaming Is Ruined

Sony’s trying its hardest to erase the PS3 Jailbreak hack from the Internet, but we all know that’s folly. Two seconds on YouTube turns up not only links to all the necessary files, but detailed, how-to videos describing how to hack the system. The scary thing for Sony is that we’re long past the point where hacking a video game console requires soldering knowledge and a hard-to-find modchip. Today all you need is a small USB flash drive and the ability to follow along with a low-res instructional video, and even our most attention deficit disordered youth can pull that trick off.

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Led-Zeppelin2890d ago (Edited 2890d ago )

Just wait a few months, Sony will handle this (Hopefully)

thereapersson2890d ago (Edited 2890d ago )

"To think that all of this could have been avoided had Sony not decided to remove the Install Other OS option. Oops."

Didn't the whole "hacking" debate start BECAUSE of Linux on the PS3? If I remember correctly, Sony removed the option in an attempt to slow down any attempt at "hacking" that was being attempted at the time.

mushroomwig2890d ago

This is Geohot we're talking about, he's the master of hypocrisy.

beavis4play2890d ago

yea - that statement, along with the whole article was pretty much an endorsement of hacking.
i'll never waste time opening up another link to crunchgear again.

imvix2890d ago (Edited 2890d ago )

Wont be suprised if pretty soon hackers have viruses written for the PS3, since people can now use Sonys own keys to sign any software.

People may soon be needing antivirus softwares on the PS3.

Valkyre2890d ago

Only douches who jailbreak their consoles will need anti virus... and I hope every single jailbreaked PS3 ends up a brick...serves them right.

duplissi2890d ago (Edited 2890d ago )

god people on this site have been pissing me off lately....

you do realize that not everyone who jailbreaks their ps3 will pirate or cheat right?.....

imvix2890d ago

Jailbreaking your PS3, then downloading software may result in downloading a Virus. Which is why anyone even considering to Jailbreak the PS3 should reconsider.

Nakiro2890d ago

"To think that all of this could have been avoided had Sony not decided to remove the Install Other OS option. Oops."

I can't believe people still fall back to this argument.

jneul2890d ago

especially seen as we all know geofail was hacking linux even before it was removed, next excuse please

jneul2890d ago

a whole new feature is coming to hackers very soon, the banhammer, enjoy your ps3's being banned for life

elmaton982890d ago

Yeah and ill gladly report any hackers I see whenever I play my games online

KingPin2890d ago

im still waiting for those pro-hacking supporters to start commenting. where are they now? you know the ones im talking about. the same ones who claimed "the console is now theirs and they can do whatever they want to it". the ones who were bitching "i cant wait for homebrew to put in the other OS option." "i cant wait for homebrew to enhance my console coz sony isnt doing it" "cant wait for my mkv support" "cant wait for the emulators"

where is that crowd now? are they happy now that our online is going down the tubes? all this time, all the custom firmware i read about, not one mentioned emulators, mkv support or any other damn features to "enhance" the console.

all we got is messed up multiplayer, glitched out save games and the ability to play PIRATED games. lets not fool ourselves and claim that backup games are not PIRATED games. iv been a gamer forever and never once did i feel the need to backup my games.

evrfighter2890d ago

that crowd is probably involved in the homebrew scene now...

what reason would they have to be here?

darx2890d ago

I am no hacker and I never pirated games but Sony is not going to tell me what I can do with my PS3.

KingPin2890d ago

that crowd you speak of dont know f**kall about hacking. they are a bunch of leechers. they wait for SOMEONE else to do all the hard work and then just buy that and use it. they not involved in jack. if they were involved in the homebrew scene that you speak of the ps3 wouldve been hacked a long time ago.

those people leech off the hackers just as much as they leech off other peoples hard work.

but your lack of bubbles speaks volumes.

kaozgamer2890d ago

lol i agree. game 'backups' in hacker language is 'im gonna pirate shitloads of games but i want to look legit'

buser2890d ago

I guess I am one of those users that like the idea of homebrew. To an extent though. I agree 100% that 99% of people that will hack their PS3 will do so for piracy and to be honest part of me has though of it. However i have not hacked my PS3 just because, and this might sound stupid to some, I just love holding the actual game disc and having all my game cases in order so I can see them; I like having an actual physical library of games. That and the fact that I have become a pretty big trophy whore so I would not want anything to come between me and my trohpies lol.

Having said all of that though I will say this: the day XBMC or Boxee or something similar comes to the PS3 through homebrew apps I will hack my PS3 because I would love using my PS3 as my real media center.

I think the distinction between jailbreaks (one that let's you play pirated games, and one that does not) needs to be addressed

SpinalRemains1382890d ago

Are you serious? Online gaming going down the tubes? Yeah ok.
We're all gonna die in 2012 too.

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