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When a video game franchise is at an advent, there are two ways it can go. One, it can hit a plateau and stay a steady success without deviating too much from the good gameplay it is known for. This has happened in many games such as The Legend of Zelda, Metal Gear Solid and even Fallout. However, the other option for a franchise is for it to go bad and completely drop below the standards of the original. This sad and sorry fate has happened to many games and it continues to happen all the time

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TheHip142771d ago

Only one I don't agree with is CoD

RedDead2771d ago

It's had it's ups and downs, I think Blops is an Up though.

darthv722770d ago

Sonic has become a disappointment when sega went software only. As if they felt the original idea of what made sonic good (speed) was not good enough for the other platforms. They had to try and add more substance. Problem...the substance itself.

GH is a good series but all the off shoots is what made it cumbersome for me. My son and I would play 2 and 3 and I got the world tour disc but all the other ones feel more like they should be dlc for at least #3. We play rockband more now anyway cause I got a gene simons ax guitar for the ps3.

I completely agree on the final fantasy thing. I have always thought that square could have released many of these games by themselves under their own name because they didnt feel part of (what I recall) the final fantasy I used to play. They put them under the umbrella that is final fantasy maybe to ensure sales of even the ones that werent very good.. If they are doing that then there will never be a true "final" to the fantasy.

ColinKapow2771d ago

The only things I'd disagree with is the multiplayer on xbox 360 atleast of black ops, a lot more balanced than MW2 even if it had its issues. Other than that I loved Castlevania: Lords of shadow. One of the games I enjoyed the most of last year. Good feature though

NoobSessions2771d ago

I must be a minority on this site, but I still enjoy Guitar Hero over Rock Band.
Mainly because of the GH Tunes in it, where people make custom songs with all types of instruments and produce them so anyone can download them for free. Ive also become accustomed to the way GH looks, for some reason playing Rock Band notes feels awkward to me.

Rock Band itself is ahead in almost every other way though

avroth162771d ago

I 100% agree with Tony Hawk. Ever since the first Underground game, which I thought was the best of the series, the games have gone downhill which is a shame because the Tony Hawk games were my favourite for some time. I'd also agree with NoobSessions that I find GH much more fun than Rock Band. I was never a fan of the way Rock Band looked and the gameplay just wasn't as fun as GH was for me.

Doctorofreality2771d ago

Wow how negative..but i guess someone has to say it.
DOn't agree with all though.

CoD isn't getting worse. It's just thinks it's listening to what everyone wants.
I'd add splinter cell...only because of conviction and double agent.

And only one para to justify why the franchise has gone bad? one para...? ooh im sucked right into your arguements..

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