British Expert: Nintendo 3DS could cause permanent eye damage to kids and adults

A British eye expert claims the Nintendo 3DS could cause permanent eye damage to anyone, no matter their age - contradicting information from Nintendo and the American Optometric Association.

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pedrami912805d ago (Edited 2805d ago )

This isn't lookin' good.
* Region lock
* Friend codes
* Low battery life
* and now this

Meh, i'll probably give in and buy it anyways.

EYEamNUMBER12805d ago

i really don't see what the big deal is its probably gonna be about as damaging as tv is
i mean if this is supposed to be bad for your eyes then 3D in general is bad for your eyes

NoobSessions2805d ago

What do you mean by 3D in general?
Theres a difference between 3D in real life, and the 3D through glasses and 3D in the 3DS screen; because the 3D in those things are an optical illusion to your eyes, since the screen itself is flat.

FrankMcSpank2805d ago (Edited 2805d ago )

I am removing this previous. I'd rather not argue it. Just based off some articles I have read over the last couple of years.

Until I see some hard evendence that 3D is bad for you, then don't make a mountain out of a mole hill. I get kids who are developing, but it hasn't been proven that 3D is harmful. At the rate of it's adoption, I would of assumed someone would of blessed it off. 3D is everywhere, so it may not be a danger after all.

Anarki2805d ago

They say gaming for extended periods of time causes damage to your eyes........we still do that anyway.

captain-obvious2805d ago

the turn off the 3D effect thingy

GodsHand2805d ago

I don't know how the 3DS work to achive the 3D capablities, but if if forces it's users to adjust their eys like a autostereogram (magic eye), then I can't say it will be harmful, those magic eye pictures have been around for a while now, and I never heard of anyone getting premenate eye damage for staring into it.

Bigpappy2805d ago (Edited 2805d ago )

I think I will let you guys buy it. If in a few years nothing happens to your eyes, then I will consider letting my kids have one. As it is right now, NFW.

I am not one to stick my head in the sand. I think this warrants some caution.

darthv722805d ago

it will cause a boom in the corrective laser eye surgery market.

Time to buy stock in that.

Marked2805d ago


I dont think you thought the magic eye comparence through. The big difference.... when has anyone spent hours starring at a magic eye image. Its the prolonged exposer that could be a problem, if there is one.

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iamnsuperman2805d ago

@FrankMcSpank "The british have been against 3D for years now. Who cares what they have to say about it.". ?????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ????????????????????. I hope that comment was sarcastic otherwise you have no idea

FrankMcSpank2805d ago

My point being was all the articles I have read about the UK not wanting or being able to support 3D leads me to believe that they won't ever change their minds. Not meaning to make an arguement, and I am not making some idiotic statement.

Scotland-Tha-Brave2805d ago

I have not read anywhere about 3d not being supported in britain. I own a 55" 3d samsung and watch 3d SKY digital tv daily.

visualb2805d ago

who cares about all that pedrami91

its avant garde tech and it'll sell

the rest is irrelevant./s

Blasphemy2805d ago

@ FrankMCSpank Games with alot of bright colors can cause seizures and you think this new 3D tech won't harm the eyes in some way?!

fatstarr2805d ago

everyone is just jumping to conclusions
i will wait till the 19th before i come up with anything to sway my opinion on the 3DS.

DeadlyFire2805d ago

Complete histaria for something that has yet to be tested for long term use.

A 3D screen with no glasses. Awesome. Wait what? I don't have that red/blue plastic to protect my eyesight? OMG I will go blind!!!! Just a bunch of crazy talk. I know there is another version of 3D glasses now. Still though do I care about 3D? About as much as I care about a single lost penny. Not very much.

I have heard for years TV and computer screens damage your vision. Yet my vision has stayed relatively the same. No amount of gaming I have ever done has caused my eye vision problems. I expect the same from 3DS technology in the 3DS. Some things actually suggest it helps your vision. Which is the case I believe.

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R_aVe_N2805d ago

I have been saying this since it was announced...

Inside_out2805d ago

...but nobodies been listening. Sony and all the rest have already updated their terms and services to include eye damage in " some " people after a vague amount of time playing games in 3d.

At the very least if you are a concerned parent, don't let your kids under the age of 10 anywhere near 3D anything.

The technology forces your eyes to look separate ways and the chance of developing lazy eye is real among other things. It should also be noted that as you age your eyes begin to wear down, this is the last thing you would need.

They should all be sued and imprisoned because THEY KNOW THIS and it's the kids that will pay the biggest price because people are under the false impression that they would never do anything to harm us...especially the's all lies.

I have looked into 3D technology and spent some time watching and playing various tech demos and it looks fantastic...BUT...I also heard the the high you get from crack cocaine is insane and it won't hurt you because it's natural...makes games look incredible too just don't do it all the time...O_o

Do your own research...everybody in the industry know's it's a ticking time bomb once people catch on. This has been reported on for YEARS.

Ravenor2805d ago

And we have a link to all this research? Somewhere? If you are arguing against glassless 3D and the damage that it could potentially do I would assume you have either personally researched, or have read some peer reviewed studies on the effects of these devices on our eyes.

Your long post is absolutely irrelevant with no links to back up your stance.

NoobSessions2805d ago

Doesnt extensive periods of time using the computer and watching TV in general do the same?

Although Im pretty sure 3D can be much more harmful.

Kon2805d ago

Nobody is fool enough to use 3D for hours and hours.

Trroy2805d ago (Edited 2805d ago )

I think you'd be surprised at how many fools there are. Shocked, even.

DelbertGrady2805d ago

I thought this only applied to 3D with glasses. Not good if true.

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