Why You Should Be Playing Minecraft

Like videos of kittens and clips from movies, YouTube videos don’t really do Minecraft justice. You should be experiencing this game for yourself.

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Caspel2885d ago

the more creativity, the better.

Lord_Doggington2885d ago

Simon and Lewis Yogcast is the best Minecraft Series. I constantly check hourly for a new episode.

Pretty much uphill from here...

FinalSpartan2885d ago (Edited 2885d ago )

I really want to play this, Hope he releases it on PSN by help of sony or somthing.

Also i see there is a beta version and a classic version which is free? which has MP and SP. whats the difference?

LeonVesper2885d ago

The classic version doesn't have the survival aspect. It is merely creativity mode and infinite blocks. You and a bunch of friends can spend times making structures that are broken with a single click but the real stuff you make in the beta are the ones that really shine because there is additional content such as minecarts and rail road tracks, boats, dungeons, a layer of danger when night falls, expansive tunnels to explore and for spelunking.

Classic version is well... Classic. Nothing dangerous, just a place where you can relax and just build things.

I mean it is only about 20 dollars USD. What's that? Three hours of minimum wage? It's well worth it for the additional content that makes the game a hell of a lot better and makes it feel more fun.

TomFG2885d ago

Still not played Minecraft - if only I had the time.

BLipp172885d ago

i like playing games, so no thanks

tdrules2885d ago

it's a sandbox GAME.
i don't understand

Kewl_Kat2885d ago

even as simple of a thing as rock-paper-scissors or tic-tac-toe are considered games, so why indirectly suggest minecraft isn't one?

Jio2885d ago

I dont get the people who spend days working on mega-projects in the free minecraft, when they could spend that time earning money to buy the REAL minecraft

hassi942885d ago

I don't have the game yet so I don't know but aren't resources limited (or harder to get at least) on Minecraft Beta but infinitely available on Classic?

Jio2885d ago

The real minecraft (beta) is nothing at all like classic. You dont have anything when you start out. You have to fight to survive a vicious day and night cycle, struggling to stay alive against the evil creatures. It is a rewarding experience

hassi942885d ago

I see, so then that is why they make mega-projects on classic?

Most probably have Beta too I'd guess.

Kon2885d ago

I can't get into this game, i don't know, i feel lost.

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The story is too old to be commented.