1 in 10 kids hopelessly addicted to games says study

The thorny subject of games addiction has reared its none-too-welcome head again, with a new study finding that 1 in 10 children could be classed as "addicted to videogames".

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Kon2522d ago

*looks in the mirror*

Best2522d ago

That ONE in 10 is George Hotz.

FrankMcSpank2522d ago

I wouldn't say I am addicted. But N4G is my homnepage and I like games and ....shut up!!!!!!!!!!! I can quit whenever I want!!! AHHHHHH!!!!!!

*goes back to Flower...*

mantisimo2522d ago

Both my boys are addicted but it's better than some of there friends who aren't addicted to games, one or 2 are addicted to much worse sh*t.

I remember back in 85 when I played on the old sinclair spectrum and then in the 90's on the megadrive and ninty. God I actually pooped myself once playing a game you couldn't save for a whole, very long level. (I did have a dicky tummy as well)

Gross I know but which generation are the addicts?

RSPproductionz2522d ago

i would say the other 9 in 10 are addicted to porn.

thats_just_prime2522d ago

I wouldnt be surprised if it was actually higher then 1 in 10

YoungKingDoran2521d ago

i dont know mantismo - i love games, but i never shit myself lol... wait, well i guess that one time playing OoT... that doesnt count right? cmon it was '99!

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GodsHand2522d ago

What did you see?

come oooooooooooooon, tell me.

redDevil872522d ago

He saw me standing behind him...

chriski3332522d ago

at least there not addicted to crack

HairyArse2522d ago

/glances away from TV to look in the mirror
/gets head-shotted


Muffins12232522d ago

IM addicted to technology

Spinal2521d ago

Totally, the fact i own all consoles, gaming pc rig, sky plus hd, hd Tv an monitor. Got my iPhone 4 and cant wait to own the Ps Phone :)

i'd say i'm a lil addicted.. lol who am i kiddin! im a gadget whore!

Ducky2522d ago

How many of them play WoW?

plb2522d ago (Edited 2522d ago )

I'm 31 and addicted lol. Of course I do other stuff too :) Is it such a bad thing for kids to play video games. I mean there are much worse things out there to occupy a kids time.

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The story is too old to be commented.