Hackers targetting Black Ops as PS3 jailbreakers run wild

In light of the recent news that the PS3's security has been blown wide open, allowing jailbreakers to install custom firmware onto their consoles, hackers the world over have been hard at work exploiting just about everything they can. Next on their horizon, Treyarch's Call of Duty: Black Ops

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Dante1122770d ago

I thought Black Ops was already hit with hacks from hackers on all platforms (more are on maxconsoles with tutorials on the PS3, X360, and PC)?

Kon2769d ago

It is hard to find Hackers when i play MW2 on my 360.

hazardman2769d ago

I think he was being sarcastic!

Kon2769d ago

@Below nope... If there are hackers, i am better than them cuz i never saw anyone shooting through walls, nuking(just 3 times). And i play MW2 since the launch. Besides, if i see a hacker i just report and he/she is banned.

morganfell2769d ago (Edited 2769d ago )

Anyone here still dumb enough to think these hackers were trying to help Sony and the PS3 community? Amazing how naive several posters were/are on this board.

Somehow I don't think George Hotz and fail0verflow are celebrating right now.

8thnightvolley2769d ago

these hacks have just made the ps3 like a 1 dollar street hook**

anything goes.

MintBerryCrunch2769d ago

wait, so every hacker is a ps3 jailbreaker and every ps3 jailbreaker is a hacker....

lol logic fail, the headline makes no sense

zag2768d ago

I wonder if this is the homebrew geohot has been whinging about?

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Led-Zeppelin2769d ago (Edited 2769d ago )

Thank god I traded in my copy of Black ops for Fallout New vegas before the hacks hit.

Edit-For all the idiots who still think New Vegas has bugs. Its been patched. Id rather play a game with a few odd looking trees here and their then a altogether broken game.

chester2769d ago

hacks for bugs. woot. lbp2 and mass effect 2 won't have either.......

Pixel_Enemy2769d ago

Yet another reason to stop playing black ops and wait for Killzone 3

hazardman2769d ago

I think he's being sarcastic..

P1NKY2769d ago

Im trading in my copy of Black Ops for LBP2 Friday. :)

Liefx2769d ago

The game isn't broken, people are broken.

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ScentlessApprentice72769d ago (Edited 2769d ago )

I just decided to go back to playing Killzone 2. Good thing I did because Black Ops may just about to become a freak show.

@ Disagreers

Oh that's right. I forgot. NO ONE plays Killzone 2 anymore, right? What was I thinking? Sorry for the miscommunication there. Can I please have a bubble back now? Idiots.

Lord_Doggington2769d ago

you don't seem to understand how hard the ps3 was hacked. they have the master keys for all the systems, so they can essentially do whatever they want.

even the 360 hasn't been hacked to this degree

Lord_Doggington2769d ago

to all the disagrees please do your research
the ps3 has been 100% compromised. the 360 hasn't been.

the only hacking program for piracy on the 360 is jtag, which ms killed w/ nxe. also if you're seen online using jtag, you'll be banned w/in 3-4 hours.

it only works on old consoles, and if you're detected on Live as having it, they kill your console. and we all know what that means... you have to get a new console to get online.

although there are shortcomings w/ how MS is dealing w/ it, they are definitely in more control of things than Sony, who has pretty much given over control of the whole fucking console

cyborg69712769d ago

Lord doucheington you need to stay out of ps3 articles. Your a hack of a troll.

jimbone792769d ago (Edited 2769d ago )

Dude, Doggin is a troll, a PS3 troll. LOL you mistaked a PS3 troll for a 360 troll. Thats funny.

wissam2769d ago

if the ps3 hacked to its root. the x360 has been hacked to its soul.

Scary692769d ago

If you have done your research you would know that the next ps3 update is to detect the jailbreak and it suppose to ban you instantly.

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Azmacna2770d ago

the PS3 hacked!? how did i overlook this important piece of news?

Serjikal_Strike2769d ago (Edited 2769d ago )

yup and you can blame this asshole

Loner2769d ago (Edited 2769d ago )

FailOverflow done most of the work.They actually found the keys

@ Below

No they reverse engineered Sonys algorithm to get them

Silly gameAr2769d ago

Weren't these "keys" stolen?

Lord_Doggington2769d ago

sony should have used different keys for each system.

RememberThe3572769d ago

They should have done a lot of things different. They basically had one wall of defense and after they got through that it all came falling down.

ironmonkey2769d ago

and how bout the ones who dont give a fuck out being banned or one like myself who are banned but download and burn the shit out of 360 games? please, nxe aint gonna do shit or stop nothing. im still playing need for speed hot pursuit free!. now you get the fuck out.

Lord_Doggington2769d ago

have fun not playing on live whelp

Ares84PS32769d ago (Edited 2769d ago )

Now that the PS3 is hacked everything get's blamed on it.

Never mind that COD games where hacked to shit long before the PS3 was.

MW2 was unplayable a month after release. It had so many hackers and cheaters.

....obviously all this shit is the PS3's fault not the hackers fault.

Just show me another system that lasted this long without getting hacked!

distorted_reality2769d ago

People always look for someone to blame in times like these. Bottom line is though - no game is immune to hacks/cheats. Never have been, probably never will be. It sucks, but people just have to learn to live with it.

Kon2769d ago

"MW2 was unplayable a month after release" lmao it wasn't like that.

Ares84PS32769d ago

Almost every game I went into I encountered guys magically walking into walls and shooting people from within. Almost every game ended with an atom bomb. I stopped playing it because of this.

There where other stuff too but let's not get into it. These problems where stated a million times already.

deadreckoning6662769d ago (Edited 2769d ago )

"Just show me another system that lasted this long without getting hacked!"

Soooo...whats ur point? Its hacked NOOOW.

"Never mind that COD games where hacked to shit long before the PS3 was."

Ummm...not to the extent their being hacked now.

Chnswdchldrn2769d ago

I hope they ruin blackops and MW2 completely.

teach people not to buy shit games with overpriced DLC

SJPFTW2769d ago

yahh and the hackers will just move on to your favorite games noob

Omega Zues2769d ago

Keep pushing Hackers.

Only makes me hate you even more.