1st Amendment Lawyer Explains Why Game Violence Laws Fail

Today is Constitution Day in the United States.

GamePolitics celebrate by focusing on how the U.S. Constitution has, so far, protected video games from government censorship. They start with a terrific article by attorney Julie Hilden over at FindLaw.

Hilden, a Yale Law grad and former First Amendment specialist, writes about the recent overturning of California's 2005 video game law by U.S. District Court Judge Ronald Whyte

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g4n3867d ago

Julie did well, but i would have explained it a different way.
Saying "video games promote violance" is the same EXACT arguement as "movies promote violance". there is 0 differance. I would not worry about this too much, the "old folks" who still think video games are "the devil" are all about to die off soon anyway...

Cat3867d ago

this illustrates perfectly why we need officials who follow the Constitution, not some litigious bent.

I am not so optimistic to think that people that would like to pass video game laws will be extinct anytime soon. elected officials and politicians are increasingly interested in micro-governing. We need more people like Julie to remind them of the Constitution, and that we live in a system that use judicial precedent, not Napoleanic Code.

Syko3866d ago

That comment illustrates perfectly why you deserve more bubbles. =)

Well said...