Square Enix 1st Production Department Premiere Rumor

PlayStation Informer: "Here are some "rumors" about some ads that will be made tomorrow in Square Enix 1st Production Department Premiere".

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rrw2890d ago (Edited 2890d ago )

why would someone believe on china forum. i have feeling owner of this websites is n4g user

disturbing_flame2890d ago

After having a time exclusive for GTA IV DLC.
Maybe Microsoft wants a time exclusive on next FF.

If it profitable for Square why not ? But when i see how much FFXIII sold well on PS3 with less consoles on the market it shows that gamers still support Square on PS3.
I don't know if Lost Odyssay or Last Remnant sold well on 360.

Anyway it can be a good news for 360 users.

For FFXIII-2, a multiplatform title would not look strange. FFXIII was multiplatform.
Now there's also FF XIII vs that could become multiplat'.
Only a rumour ? We'll see tomorrow, then

RedDead2890d ago

7 hours and 17 minutes to go :P

..i'm gonna go sleep

blitz06232890d ago

If V13 goes multi, I'm not getting that game.

gam3fr33k2890d ago

why would they make it a 360 exclusive? on the platform that FF13 did worse on. Even if Square was money hungry (which they are) they're not stupid....

iamtehpwn2890d ago

Please. 2 FF's exclusive to 360? Maybe a new FF exclusive to 360, but I have a very hard time believe they're developing 2 of them only for Xbox360. Do they WANT the sales to tank?

RBLAZE19882890d ago

Maybe, with that new ff project 0 or whatever they'll turn final fantasy into a fps or tps type of shooting game with some laughable rpg elements...i wouldn't be surprised but if true I will throw up all of todays meals and turn around and walk away from this company and franchise if 2 ff games are announced exclusive for 360 and ffversus13 becomes multiplat. I'd say if they do announce an exclusive final fantasy title it'll most likely be an on rails kinect game for the family and kids...hold on i think i'll just barf right now...

ismejks2890d ago (Edited 2890d ago )

no because the source comes from Japanese source and translated, they have far more exclusive news than n4g imho

Troll-without-Bridge2890d ago

First rumor? Only if he meant first rumor since the beginning of mankind, thats how old that rumor is.

Darkseeker2890d ago (Edited 2890d ago )

Even Final Fantasy versus 13 going multiplatform is very highly unlikely, so one exclusive FF on the 360 is impossible, let alone two.

They even delayed this so that it would be leaked in magazines, there is no way some freaking chineses could leak anything.

Also, they're not gonna announce anything 360 related tomorrow, since the event is in japan, they don't mention the 360 there.

Optical_Matrix2890d ago

I lol'd hard @ two 360 exclusive FF games. If Square Enix want to cease to exist then by all means they should make these rumored 360 exclusives. The thing they need to do is simple. Make some solid PS3 exclusive or multiplat titles and possible a remake of FFVII and they'll be rolling in profit and praise.

Darkseeker2890d ago (Edited 2890d ago )

That rumor might have been believable if it didn't add the thing about the two 360 FF exclusives.

Now, there is no way this can be true.

People are gonna see tomorrow that there was nothing to worry about and that FFvs13 will remain PS3 exclusive. How could it not, Nomura worship the PS3 and he hates the 360 and has clearly specificed he is making a quality title by using the full power of the PS3. A 360 port not only can't happen, it's technically impossible.

RBLAZE19882890d ago

Keep telling yourself that til tomorrow...i'm right there with you lol.

Darkseeker2890d ago

You will see, FFvs13 PS3 exclusive. I had bet my soul on it. Who cares about a soul anyway, it's useless and overrated these days.

RBLAZE19882890d ago

I really hope so. Plus i hope someone captures footage of versus13 and leaks it so i don't have a heart attack tomorrow.

Darkseeker2890d ago

It's already tuesday 12:35pm in japan, so we should have real infos very soon. Dunno the exact time this thing starts.

RBLAZE19882890d ago

Yea only about 4 1/2 hours til the event :/ if i'm correct in thinking it starts at 6 pm.

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