Do video games fuel mental health problems?

There might be trouble brewing behind the glassy eyes of kids who spend too much time and energy on video games, according to a controversial new study.

In the 2-year study of more than 3,000 school children in Singapore, researchers found nearly one in ten were video game "addicts," and most were stuck with the problem.

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MariaHelFutura2655d ago

Gaming journalism and the comment sections of sites like N4G can fuel more mental health problems than videogames itself, if you don`t understand not to take it too seriously.

awiseman2655d ago

I agree with maria on the fact that the comments section here on n4g can cause more mental health problems than any video game.

LoneWanderer092654d ago

People who are mentally weak can take game serious and that is the reason they should not be playing games in the first place.