Dear Kinect... please forgive me

When they slapped a price tag on you the wrong side of £100 I nearly choked on my lunch. That was it for me: they'd knocked you out before you'd even had chance to sing the bum note I was so sure you would.

Anyway, my point - and this isn't easy for me to say - is that I was wrong. At least, I was sort of wrong.

All right, you sold millions instantly. Good for you - you're not a flop in the technical sense, and you spent a long weekend with my boss and managed to win him over. Well played - cunning tactics, but I still think you're a bit of a family floozy with a lacklustre library of games.

Sorry, this is supposed to be an apology.

What I'm trying to say is... when I watched a video of you last night controlling a fully functioning robot by reading someone's movements in real time, I have to admit I was impressed.

Real time 3D worlds? Virtual reality? Flying AI robots? You never told me you could do any of this.

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NoobSessions2654d ago

I love the way he talks to Kinects like its a person.

Made my day, but then again, its still morning.

Dark_Charizard2654d ago

Yeah.. well written article, good read.

Maybe I should kill you with my flamethrower... Will that be enough?

NoobSessions2654d ago

Silly Charizard, you are a flying type.

Dark_Charizard2654d ago (Edited 2654d ago )

lol... but I have the higher stats, and can learn Earthquake.

Below: point taken. Looks like I'll see u at the gym in cinnabar!

NoobSessions2654d ago

Ash's Pikachu is like level 500 by now, so Im prety sure I have better stats. :]

RBlaze2654d ago

Bubbles, Bubbles for both!!

"Silly Charizard, you're a flying type". Response "I can learn earthquake!"

LOVE THAT! Anyone who doesn't know Pokemon would be like 'Flying type... The F**k?!'.

And yeah it was a pretty good read! (The article I mean!)

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darthv722654d ago

it does respond to voice so I guess it makes sense to talk to it like that. Sweet talk it a little and it will nod in response.

Edito2654d ago

Yeah i liked that too its a very creative way of talk about it.

Godmars2902654d ago

The thing is we don't know if it can do any of that - on the Xbox. That if it can then to what extent and level. Nevermind how long it will take to implement the many features hackers have found into an actual game.

ProjectVulcan2654d ago (Edited 2654d ago )

Arguably it cant do a lot of this on 360 because of it's USB controller bandwidth limitation That won't stop it on PC or on a next gen microsoft machine. It also has no games on Pc yet that exploit it anyway, just rather gimmicky hacks. These reasons are why i'll not buy one until it has real practical use and impressive games.

I fear despite the likelihood it'll perform better and be able to exploit more of its potential on PC or another generation console platform microsoft will only end up creating kinect 2 and making this obsolete after just a few years.

darthv722654d ago

I believe both the pc and 360 use the same usb spec. Perhaps you are meaning processing power of the 360?

ProjectVulcan2654d ago (Edited 2654d ago )

''The Kinect camera is quite a high res camera, so we actually asked that we have access to the higher res picture. But they can't give the full resolution picture, at the full frame-rate, because of the USB 2.0 connection. It's just the technicalities of the Xbox''

Most new computers are shifting to the USB 3.0 standard, or will this year. PC with USB 2.0 ports do not share bandwidth in that their maximum bandwidth appears to be heavily strangled when used simultaneously as has been demonstrated on 360. Its certainly the sort of thing you might do on a console to save money when building it, as at the time all these full speed USB ports would not seem important.

darthv722654d ago

when connected to a pc, the kinect could run at full usb speed but on the 360 it runs only at full if it is the only thing connected to the usb? I always wondered what mode the 360 usb ports run in. I know it isnt low (USB 1 speed) but if you are saying it isnt high either then how much bandwidth does the 360 usb xfr?

Not sure if it mattered but those who had the hddvd player were getting the movie streamed through the same usb and the processing and output were done by the 360. Or so it would seem simply by how it is all connected. HDDVD movies in high res 1080i/p were possible and at 24-30 fps.

Kinect with its processing and 360 with its processing should be able to work things out to produce the high res the unit is capable of at the very minimal of 24-30 fps.

ProjectVulcan2654d ago (Edited 2654d ago )

I dont know how much bandwidth USB is on offer on 360 exactly however we do know it is supposedly USB2.0. Theoretically on a USB2.0 PC if you use them all up then they will slow down sharing the bus but generally most people dont need to have a load of hard drives connected like that at once via USB, generally the quality of such a bus on a PC would be better and faster anyway I.e components, controller.

However, the article claims microsoft have capped the bandwidth for kinect @ around 20mb/s on 360, one can only assume this is because they probably have to account for the lowest common denominator. Possibly older machines using USB wifi adaptors or even people using a USB drive for saves/installs and such that kinect games would presumably want to be accessing these features simultaneously at some point...not a problem that the HD DVD add on would have to deal with.

Physically it seems 360 just does not possess the USB bandwidth to allow kinect to run full resolution like it would on a PC because microsoft have to account for other peripherals sharing that bandwidth.

USB3.0 would easily fix this potential weakness, its maximum practical throughput is 10 times that of USB2.0. Course that would mean a new console.

darthv722654d ago

I have my wifi hooked to the hddvd drive and always thought it was running the full speed shared by both devices. I know that the more usb devices that get attached, the speed adjusts to balance all in use.

In fact I have a usb flash drive for my profile as well as the wifi/hddvd connected. Makes me wonder if kinect would lag more with all that stuff connected to the same bus.

USB 3.0 most likely will be a part of the next gen of consoles like it is pc's.

ProjectVulcan2654d ago (Edited 2654d ago )

Real world, practical maximum speed of USB2.0 is only about 40mb/s. USB2.0 as a standard is over 10 years old! The average sort of performance you are likely to get over it is 35mb/s, engineers probably would not count on having any more than this at one given moment.

Most of these USB flash drives have already hit that ceiling in read speed, so as you have noticed no doubt, a lot of them are labelled USB3.0 because they can deliver superior performance over the newer standard.

HD DVD's maximal total AV bitrate is around 30mb/s (Bluray is around 50mb/s). Even if a wireless internet connection achieved 50 meg or around 6mb/s, USB2.0 could handle it reasonably well

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Kon2654d ago (Edited 2654d ago )

That was very strange...

Close_Second2654d ago

All the good Kinect stuff seems to be happening on the PC.

Kon2654d ago

True. I hope Kinect get an official release on PC soon.

Wikkid6662654d ago

True... but the point of the pc hacks is the potential that is shown. With a little creative work the future is bright for Kinect.

ALFAxD_CENTAURO2654d ago (Edited 2654d ago )

Already PrimeSense (the same company of Kinect) will release the camera for PC, WAVI Xtion:

darthv722654d ago

where everything game related gets its start?

I just realized something. There is a movie from many years ago called "Toys" with robin williams. In that movie there was this secret project that involved kids playing video games but it was a cover for them actually flying and controlling robotic military craft.

Kinect....the link to robotic warfare from your living room.

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