Why You Shouldn’t Install Custom Firmware on Your PS3

TSA: The recently released CFW 3.55 which, according to the very community that are driving custom firmware development, appears to have bricked a number of consoles.

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Nitrowolf22885d ago (Edited 2885d ago )

That's their fault, serves them right for trying to run backups
and people complain about Sony Bricking consoles -_-

how can it not be their fault? They knew what they were getting themselves into when they decided to go with some random guy.

pixelsword2885d ago (Edited 2885d ago )

that's the one thing I don't agree with all of this: with any media, you are lawfully allowed to create one backup for something you purchased legally. If companies put that backup in the package already, then I would have no complaints at all about hackers getting slaughtered in court; but since Corporations try to deny what is lawful, I don't really comment too harshly because it may affect the law that currently favors the consumer.

Non_sequitur2885d ago

It is legal to backup software. However, the law makers at the same time make it illegal for one to download or purchase software that makes it possible to circumvent copy protection. It kind of reminds me of alcohol prohibition laws were it was fine to sell and drink alcohol, but it was illegal to distribute it.

pixelsword2885d ago (Edited 2885d ago )

...and we all know how that went. heh.

I'm waiting to see what happens when the A.I. Capone of this whole piracy mess show up, myself.

deafwing2885d ago

talk about shit blowing up your face ...LMBAO


Elimin82885d ago

You need no reason NOT to dl CFW.. Just DON'T do it..

wizzle522885d ago

I have been following this since release, as someone who supports homebrew I know not to try anything that has not been fully tested etc. Instead it really opened my eyes to how bad and desperate piracy is.

While there are legits reasons for playing backups (broken BR drive) the fact remains that 99% of ps3/xbox/wii/gba/ds/psp hackers want to play games for free. And the fact that over 80% who installed this suffered a brick just because it stated they could finally play their beloved backups on the latest firmware. Greedy pirates. Seriously, on 3.41 everything worked fine, so you didnt have psn, big woop! Deal with it, didnt pay for the game, why should you play with other that did? Instead you got greedy and wanted everything.

You made your brick, now eat it.

(Funny thing is, there is absolutely no chance of repair without opening and flashing the motherboard via jtag (like bad htc phones)but people are no way near the level to do that for the ps3 and to do that they have to void their warranty. So Jokes)

inveni02885d ago (Edited 2885d ago )

You have a legal right to back up your physical media... You'll notice that the PS3 comes with a built in "back-up" function. Use it all you'd like. You'll also notice that you can redownload the latest version of the PS3's firmware at any time, free of charge. That comes compliments of Sony's fantastic record of supporting their consoles, even years after something better comes along (see PS2). So, if you think of arguing these hackers made a "legal" backup, you're voicing a losing argument. They didn't make a legal backup anymore than taking the Windows 7 OS, hacking the sh!t out of it, and redistributing it to others would be considered a "legal backup".

These guys broke the law. It's time to face that fact so that they can be punished and the game world can move on.

2885d ago
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tehpees32885d ago

Exactly. Why shouldn't they custom firmware it? Because Sony will kill it.

And don't bother ranting out of it, it is their own fault. Sony is just doing their job to battle these stupid hackers.

QSPR2885d ago

lol, lol and lol!! dear playstation pirates get ownzz!!

davekaos2885d ago

Don't know if people are aware but the only people who bricked their consoles were the ones who fucked around with lv2 or installed the peek and poke cfw but it wasn't entirely bricked as you could booot in to safe mode and rebuild the os. However lv2 is being figured out and looks to be where all the brainsare in the ps3 .

Bricking is slim to none because if metldr being signed

DoomeDx2885d ago

You know to much about this stuff.

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Kran2885d ago

Never would I do that. I hate pirated things. I would rather be a legal citizen of the world.

redDevil872885d ago

The only way you can't be a "legal citizen of the world" is if you were an alien.

Are you an alien?

pixelsword2885d ago

That's correct; the World, as opposed to the Earth, is basically human civilization and also experience as being a human or some junk like that.

Kran2885d ago

..... I have my secrets o.O

pixelsword2885d ago (Edited 2885d ago )


I have to give you bubbles for that

Thugbot1872885d ago

So you’re saying you have never come in contact with any of the following?

MP3 - Downloaded, Given to you by a friend, copied from a friend’s CD, or let a friend borrow a CD.

DVD - Watched a bootleg, copied a DVD you don't own, copied a DVD you do own as backup, converted a DVD you own into a digital copy, saved a You Tube video

Books - Made a photo copy of a book, made an e-book from a book, downloaded a copyright e-book.

Software - Owned a pirated copy of Windows, Microsoft Office, own any ROMs from earlier consoles.

My point is many things we do and don't think about can be considered pirating. I would say many people are ethical pirates, what I mean by this is they will set boundaries on what is ok to pirate and what's not. This can range from the thought that it’s completely ok to download pirated games but because the person is an music artist so they purchase all the music they own, to someone thinking its ok for them to backup games they own and install those to their hard drive and play from the HD to save their BLU-RAY player.

While I agree with your stance on games and choose to buy mine. Let’s not get into a situation where we the pot are calling the kettle black.

wizzle522885d ago

When the ps4 comes out, then its 'ok' to pirate on the ps3.....***** hypocrites, i was playing Poke Gold on an emulator in japanese way before ENG release date. Didnt get much abuse back then.

outwar60102885d ago

i dont think its long until someone creates stealth custom firmware builds

pixelsword2885d ago (Edited 2885d ago )

if it has to connect to the PSN, and the update/program can scan the disc, then it can be found; not too different than an antivirus.


A program can even be this simple: if the executable currently not running is not on our list, then brick the console. :P

If the console is found bricked when sent back to Sony, then they would simply not return the PS3 or return it bricked.

If attempted to return at the store, all they have to do is tell the store patrons to simply run the PS3 before returning. if it's bricked, get the driver's license and address of the person returning it if they want to return it. if they don't want to give it, then no return.

This they have brought upon themselves and us all.

orangeback2885d ago

There really isnt a point to the custom firmware. I know because i downloaded it just for kicks. I played a few emulators and it was fun for like five seconds. Plus, I dont want to be banned so i redownloaded sony's firmware in hope they go easy on me.

I suggest if your are running custom firmware to do the same.

MaximusPrime2885d ago

Lol. Not surprising though. They deserved to be bricked

Trroy2885d ago

The hackers who create CFWs know just enough to be dangerous to your console.

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