Why casual games are more than just casual fun?

"Casual is a term used to describe games that are easy to play and require little time and knowledge to play. Though with most gamers the term casual usually brings up pictures of half hearted games that would most likely not want to play. Casual games are not new but have been around in video game history as far back as Tetris. Recently though with copies upon copies of the same casual games it is hard to not be scared by the term casual. Even though these games require very little time to learn and play usually developing good casual games takes a lot of skill. There is nothing casual about the time it takes to make a great game that can be played with a short amount of time."

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easto1a2890d ago

casual is helping gaming in a weird ish way :)

admiralvic2890d ago

Its a really subjective ground... but I can see the +'s

Azmacna2890d ago

i've got to say i find it pretty odd that they have used LBP for the pic here... LBP is FAR from casual, in fact i'd say it's pretty hardcore when you start to make levels

Urrakia342890d ago (Edited 2890d ago )

I agree. You have to dedicate alot of time and focus to create even a decent level in LBP

UP2890d ago

Id say it is a hardcore game the casual players can really enjoy like halo and COD

NoobSessions2890d ago

I dont see whats so wrong about casual games to be honest, I think the only thing that defines hardcore and casual games is the depth of the game itself.
But still, a casual game can be challenging, and just as entertaining as hardcore games... will it last you for hours on end like a "hardcore" game? Maybe not, but fun is fun. I don't care where it comes from.

sleepy32890d ago (Edited 2890d ago )

If we can call CoD: BO casual, why not LBP?

It seems there are levels of casual.

you have got games like wii sports where you do one thing e.g. bowl, and that's it, nothing deeper.

Then you have games like NSMB Wii, Kirby Epic Yarn and LBP where you have side scrolling platformers with varying gameplay changes. Remember, creating a level is not required by the game, so a casual can just play the core game and beat it and have fun. The same way i never touched the level editor in Tony Hawk (back when people actually made good Tony Hawk games) but just played the core game casually and had a blast beating it.

Then you have games like CoD which are shooters that are less complicated than something that requires detailed planning and tactics like the gjost recon of old (oh how i loved looking over my maps and mapping out my waypoints exactly :) )

I don't see a problem with casual games. Why? Cause when you have a bunch of people of all ages in a room and you want a fun experience for all, nothing beats some kinect sports or wii sports or move sports (covered all three to avoid flaming, but you get the point.) Laughter, fun, smiles all around. Its just fun. Is it fun for when you want a serious competitive game? No, of course not. But that's not what its for. Horses for Courses.

ChickeyCantor2890d ago

here have a bubble.
And don't argue with Dsnyder, he will only agree if you agree with him.