Microsoft Expand Xbox LIVE Rewards Programme; Offer Free Games

Microsoft’s Xbox LIVE Rewards Programme has received much attention since its launch late last year, offering gamers an incentive to keep doing what they would generally be doing anyway. From renewing their annual Xbox LIVE Gold subscription to purchasing content from the Xbox LIVE marketplace, gamers can earn Microsoft Points simply by engaging in the usual activities of an Xbox LIVE gamer. However, Microsoft has now expanded the Rewards Programme by offering not just bonus Microsoft Points, but an assortment of free games.

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ajlopo2863d ago

I got this email this weekend. Been an xbox live gold subscriber for over 6 years. Pretty cool, but would like to see what they have up their sleeve. Right now not too excited about an Addidas outfit...

SeNiLesBack2863d ago

If you where quick you could have won a free game. I won Kinect Sports!!

"Thank you for being a loyal Xbox LIVE member and for participating in the Xbox LIVE Rewards VIP Exclusives Offer! You will be receiving the Kinect game Kinect Sports. (ARV: $49.99)."

Orionsangel2863d ago

Yep I got the Addidas track suit as well. I thought wow I'm special! I wore it on my Avatar. Then I saw my friends Avatars and like 5 of them were wearing the same Addidas track suit. Aw well.

r1sh122863d ago

I dont want avatar clothing or kinect games.
I want free XBLA games.

SlipperyMooseCakes2863d ago

They just released 2 new free games on XBLA.

kissmeimgreek2863d ago (Edited 2863d ago )

Yah and Harms Way is really fun!

(By the way thats one of the free games :D)

darthv722863d ago

your avatar could wear the track suit while playing the free xbla game doritos crash course.

lelo2play2863d ago

What games did they offer? I had live Gold... but know i have silver. Are they offering those games for silver accounts?

ChristianGamer2863d ago

Microsoft have really made a u-turn since the 360S. Standard Wireless N, giving away games on Live, Microsoft Rewards, not suing kinect hackers, not suing windows phone 7 hackers, not suing youtubers, free microsoft points for simply migrating your account. Free and Microsoft, didn't think that would be commonplace this gen.
Now lets announce some core exclusives...please

seij5552863d ago

Nice try taking a dig at Sony trying to protect the ps3 from piracy. Oh and ps plus is cheaper than live and we get free psn games every month.

KwietStorm2862d ago

At least attempt to be discreet with what you were really trying to say there. And why bother mentioning draft N with the rest of those?

hassi942862d ago

Oh my god people stop being so defensive it's pathetic.

This guy says a few positive things about Microsoft and all he gets is hate. He's even admitted there aren't enough core exclusives but some things they're doing are good.

Bigging up the actions of 1 company doesn't mean he's bashing the rival company.

He's not trying to take a dig at Sony taking a stance on piracy, Microsoft do that too and he knows that. He's just saying he's pleasantly surprised by how Microsoft are making their platforms more open to innovators (or 'hackers' - but hacker seems to imply bad intentions to me :P), something Sony was better than Microsoft at (and is so in parts like the actual gaming network).

sickpup2863d ago

I went to the site. Put in a code and it crashed the site. I sent the error page to the MS support people but got no response. the free track suit was nice though.

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The story is too old to be commented.