Top 10 Most Awful Looking Villains

GB: "We are all aware that games require a solid protagonist if we are going to enjoy them, but sometimes a well written villain just really adds that extra incentive to keep playing. After all, if we didn’t all think that Bowser was such a massive douche-bag, (and potential sex offender to boot) why would we care that he’d taken our princess to another castle? Sometimes though, the antagonists we face in our games just don’t cut the mustard and look a little bit wrong. Maybe they look stupid and out of place. Maybe they appear so wimpy that we don’t really see the challenge in beating them. Regardless of the reason here is a list of ten villains who, at a first glance, just don’t look like quite right."

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gameseveryday2651d ago

Kefka looks horrendous, very much like a joker's nightmare.

RedDead2651d ago (Edited 2651d ago )

Yeah, he's great as a character, he just looks absolutely dreadful. Still, it was better when you didn't notice as much on the Snintendo.

Oh wow, 343 Guilty spark was the worst final boss in alot of things, what the hell? the previous game had a much better boss and I didn't even consider that good.

HolyOrangeCows2651d ago

FF gets a few mentions. Fancy that.

FACTUAL evidence2651d ago

yea....sorta crappy but ummm (RANDOM MOMENT) KEFKA>Sephiroth.

Kiroe2651d ago

yack, those truly are faces only a mother could love. Especially Kefka's.

cyborg2651d ago

I know villains are meant to look hideous but those are some really horrible looking shit. :|

TheGrimBunny2651d ago

That is one weird looking f**ker in the thumbnail image.

Assassin Nawabi2651d ago

Cant believe that Darth Vader did not made this list

LoaMcLoa2651d ago

Or Medusa from God of War

Darth Vader is kewl by the way : o

Valay2651d ago

Some of them could be worse...

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The story is too old to be commented.