Homefront gets 15 BBFC rating

It might be 2011's first real challenger to Call Of Duty's dominance in the multi-format military FPS genre, but don't expect THQ's Homefront to outdo Infinity Ward of Treyarch's efforts in the gore stakes.

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MajestieBeast2887d ago

Probably passing it was stupid of THQ to release this in march IMO.

the8BIT2887d ago

That's full of crap how could a game that as generic as it is be compared to half life? where's a link

Psychotica2887d ago

If this has offline multiplayer bots then I would definitely get it otherwise is just more of the same thing except on different maps.

plb2887d ago (Edited 2887d ago )

DLC going to 360 first just like COD...pass not that I was planning on getting it anyway.

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