GAMER-0 # 36: Invisible Walls Do They Really Play The Games?

T-Hill writes: This Sunday special edition episode was created after watching the latest episode of Invisible Walls. There were so many incorrect statements made about DC Universe Online that I felt the need to call out Marcus and Patrick for the incorrect info that was passed on to gamers.

Topic starts 20 mins in


Marcus asked if I would do a Skype chat about the topics at hand and I'm gonna work with HipHopGamer to set up a Backlash episode so we can cover this in the proper platform.

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aceitman2892d ago (Edited 2892d ago )

and it will hit iw in the backside and all of this is true .if u dont think so watch iw and do your research on dc universe . good show this needs to happen more often just like the reviews for gt5. did they even play the game before they reviewed it ?????????

trounbyfire2892d ago

gametrailefs gt5 review was good and the guy liked racing sims.
now about dcu try IGN BEyond they crapped on it hard.

for some reason ign puts 360 and pc fanboys on a ps3 podcast which is stupid. on the DCU episode a pc fanboy was a prick

i haven't this HHG video yet but IW seemed less harsh than beyond did

kancerkid2892d ago

Omigod, they might have mixed up a patch and the install. Not really a big deal, who cares? Play your games and forget about crap like that, I mean really.

Also, are gameplay stuff, they admitted they were not that far into the game and don't know all about the gameplay.

showtimefolks2892d ago

is EBC. and the screw attack is also really good.

the new MGS videos they do is pretty funny. other than that GT is spike tv in a gaming site

shane is the worst gamer to lead a gaming site its like if you don't agree with him you are a fanboy.

they always do late reviews to a few days after everyone has a review up they will do theirs its like they waite for the reviews to learn about the game and than do one

Blaine2892d ago

It's on PS3... Of course they didn't play it.

Dlacy13g2892d ago

As a fan of the IW show certainly they are an opinionated group and what I often find is they are basing their judgements and views on the show off very short play throughs and not alwasy long indepth play throughs...

Interms of installs versus patches comments...look if you get a game and insert it and it says install the 8GB to play it... I dont take issue with someone calling that a patch or install...they both feel the long ass wait to play.

On the rest of the stuff... dont know as I dont play DCU but it could all be true... Still doesnt change my mind about watching IW.


The think is that they said they did the install and then they were hit with an 8 gig patch which to me would mean that they were identifying two seperate items to take issue with.

On the short play throughs of the games they as journalists should at least do there research prior to commenting or at the very least make sure to mention that said features are in the works if it had been communicated by the this case all of the said feature were in the Beta and touched on prior to the release of the retail copy.

I do play the game and I had 100+ hours in the beta and my current character is level 24 so I'm very familiar with the game and almost if not everything they touched on was incorrect...I'm just a little journalist and even I was able to do a better job than they did...just saying

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The story is too old to be commented.