Fanboys: The Ugly Side of Gaming

Video games have truly grown as a medium over the years. Although many out there still see it as a sign of immaturity, a large portion of society now recognizes gaming for the interactive art that it is. It’s so large now it has its own (crappy) televised award show, tens of thousands flock to gaming conventions, and nowadays you can actually talk about games in public without hiding your face (though some of you still need to wear a mask).

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NoobSessions2804d ago

Tells me the site could harm my computer...

-not continuing-

ConanOBrien2804d ago (Edited 2804d ago )

In a nutshell, fanboys are made of overly-sensitive organs who allergic to negative facts and sore truths that against their idol.

General symptoms:
- Insecurity
- Phantom anger
- Sleeping disorder
- Diarrhea
- Itchiness around, but not limited to, hair and butt.

deafwing2803d ago

sadly this website has malware ... but I doubt I'm missing much on this article

Washington-Capitals2803d ago

I would also classify a proportion of n4g members under the "ugly side of gaming".

Lucky12803d ago

That's odd, for it shouldn't be harming your computer in any way. The site is malware free :/

Pixel_Enemy2803d ago

Fanboys are a disgusting race... Ignorant and misinformed

MariaHelFutura2803d ago (Edited 2803d ago )

I own a 360 but I like PS more because their 1st party studios are my favorite in all of gaming. From Team Ico, ND, Zipper, Suckerpunch to Polyphony. They make the games I like to play and it`s my favorite platform because of it. If that makes me a fanboy then so be it. As for the 360 I love having it and I could care less about anything that has to do w/ Kinect. Again, If that makes me a fanboy then so be it.

Tinasumsum2803d ago

And I'm president of the US of A

gamer20102803d ago

Fanboys always say things like that.

"Oh I happen to worship everything Nintendo puts out, but that's just because they make the best stuff so I am definitely not a fanboy".

Fanboys don't realize that it is their fanboyism that leads them to convince themselves that most of the good games are found on one platform. In truth there are good games found on all platforms.

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Aarix2803d ago

....especially the ps3 Fanboys they are most out if control

MariaHelFutura2803d ago

Nintendo fanboys are the real psychos.

Aarix2803d ago

never met a wii fanboy...hhhmmm...

gamer20102803d ago

There are Wii fanboys, but they act so rational and fair that you almost don't take them for fanboys.

In my opinion PS3 fanboys are the worst, followed next by the 360 and PC fanboys, and finally the Wii fanboys.

Silly gameAr2803d ago

They're totally the most out if control. Almost as bad as a whining fanboy trying to call out another fanboy.

MariaHelFutura2803d ago

Ok.... what`s up w/ this "out if control"

I wanta be out if control.

Jezuz2803d ago

obviously, look at this site for example

madpuppy2803d ago

@Aarix, but, every other fan boy is ok in your book. Right?

Aarix2803d ago

No they're all annoying but I'm just saying ps3 Fanboys are the worst

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VictimOfHypocrisy2803d ago (Edited 2803d ago )

Replace the word fanboy with media and you have a title and a topic worth exploring on your hands.

Ult iMate2803d ago

You mean
"The Ugly Side of Crappy Biased Game Journalism"
I agree. Why do they always complain about fanboys, but never speak nothing of themselves?

Kon2803d ago

IF we compare this with the caste system of India, fanboys would be the castless people

MarioWarfare2803d ago

lol, n4g is full of fanboys so this article won't be popular with them, 360/wii fanboys are just as bad as the ps3 fanboys but it seems like there are more ps3 fanboys on this site so that's why they seem worse

BX812803d ago

Agreed! All fanboys are tards. This site just seems to have more PS3 tards than 360 tards. I don't think I've ever ran across a Nintendo fanboy on this site.

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