Gamespot Rumor Control: Dual Shock 3 ready to rumble at TGS?

Gamespot writes: "Not bogus that a rumble-enabled Dual Shock 3 is coming. GameSpot has learned from a source close to Sony that the company is definitely working on a force-feedback-equipped controller for release in the "coming months." However, as of press time, Sony higher-ups were still apparently debating whether or not to unveil the device at TGS--though a less appropriate venue doesn't spring to mind. It was also unclear if the Dual Shock 3 would have the Sixaxis' tilt-sensing technology, or whether the functionality had been abandoned altogether."

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Lightning Mr Bubbles3899d ago

that the PS3 control WON'T rumble? Not me!

aiphanes3899d ago

And they will announce it at TGS....this is a given....

Xemnas3899d ago

Wait wait so it's going to have all of that in one tilt functions and touch sense and rumble hmm i hope they put a better battery lol 1hr of battery life xD

Synex3898d ago

Can't be any worse than the 360's controller battery life span, or well even the console's life span at that.

sajj3163899d ago (Edited 3899d ago )

not announce this at the TGS. It would also be foolish to not announce a $399.99 PS3 or a $99.99 PS2.

I'm really looking forward to the TGS this Thursday. A playable MGS4, more info on Final Fantasy, and more exclusive game announcements.

I would love for Sony to discuss their vision of the PS Network also ...

AnalFace3899d ago

Sony are on the ball for once. Lets just hope this isnt a silly rumour. Oh yer and lets hope they show some new games aswell.

ben hates you3899d ago

that sucks for the people who already bought their controls

TruthBTold3898d ago

I didn't want to pruchase more controllers until the Dual Shock was out again. However a lot of people who had more than on eperson playing at their house was forced to purchase more. Whenever my brother comes to play he brings his. But it is what it is, still I can't wait for it. Love it on PS2 and with all the new extra features.... what more can you ask for.

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The story is too old to be commented.