UK PS3 CHART: DC Universe Online performs heroically

Sony Online Entertainment's superhero MMO DC Universe Online makes its chart debut at No.2 on this week's UKIE/GfK-ChartTrack PS3 chart.

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maverick402892d ago

Wow that's fantastic news!Hope this game keeps selling. Seems like it could have a nice community too.

thereapersson2892d ago

This game doesn't have a lot of advertising, but every one of my friends who were in the beta say that it's one of the most-fun MMO's they've played in a long time. I'm glad that Sony Online Entertainment got this to work, because it could have easily fallen flat on its face in terms of execution.

maverick402892d ago

Yeah it's amazing what word of mouth and a beta can do!Well done SOE, sure free realms is coming to ps3 too for free!

pain777pas2892d ago

Word of mouth is marketing and cannot be beat marketing at that. Recommendation is the best marketing from one person to another.

blackpanther252892d ago

Yea i was in the beta with my brother as well. The game is super addictive and the pvp is fun. The game just need tweeks and balancing but that usual for MMOs.

The only reason i haven't bought a copy yet is because i am waiting for them to release the lifetime subscription for the ps3 version

TBM2892d ago

i would love to pick this up as $15 month is nothing to me; but i can't allow myself to get sucked back into MMOs. FF11 almost ruined my life until i was snapped out of my addiction to it lol.

redDevil872892d ago

wow, this game is doing much better then i would have expected

GodofSackboy2892d ago

Wow, haven't seen one advert for it or anything in the media, doing well, awesome game

ForzaGT2892d ago (Edited 2892d ago )

wow, that seems a successful launch given that its a MMO

offdawall2892d ago

another massive exclusive ... unless ur dumb go buy a ps3 ... heck go buy two lol

Ben Dover2892d ago

Or just... you know.. get it for the PC if you prefer mouse and keyboard for an MMO. And yes before everyone goes in cahoots, I also own a PS3 :|

blackpanther252892d ago

Trust me this is one game where a gamepad controller is better than a keyboard and mouse. A lot of people in the beta complained that the controls were built with the ps3 in mind over the pc

NateCole2892d ago

Dude. Its on PC as well. I am tron weather to get it for PC or PS3.

blumatt2892d ago

Get it on PS3 so Sony will continue to give us MMOs on our console. Support it like we did.

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The story is too old to be commented.