Multi-Platform Developing: Xbox 360 vs. PS3

Here are technical facts that show why developers prefer, at the moment, Xbox 360 over PS3. In short, the Xbox 360's ease of use from a development standpoint has made the choice rather simple when it comes to the standard platform to utilize.

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nasim3744d ago (Edited 3744d ago )

a b**tard website that claims x360 has more powerful GPU when xenos is r420 based and is very weak

PEOPLE report this as SPAM comes from a BOT website

thts right BOTS..ps3 is way more powerful than x360...the RSX too is more powerful than XENOS

@Power of F*G:-
ps3 can do everything the x360 can but NOT VICE VERSA
you bring up TECH DEMO sscreens of ALAN WAKE (Another cartoon game )

BUT we all know how the ingame loooks like:-

lol what a shame another cartoon game like CARTOON HALO 3

BTW u will never see GRAPHICS like this on GARBAGE BOX 360

the garbage box 360 would need 10 XENONS to have as many enemies as LAIR on screen . The water alone has more poly than an entire scene of Bioshock/gEars

a single dragon in LAIR has 20 x more poly than an entire scene in GEARS

Each model, Worch claimed, contained somewhere between 100,000 and 170,000 triangles. Each had a bunch of other special maps and lighting applied, and the main character was built up with "over ten textures". He compared this to an estimated 10,000 for characters in Gears of War and other recent high-res games. The high-res models, meanwhile, that got dithered down to produce the in-game models, ran up around 5,000,000 triangles.

even RR7 was not possible on the x360

Not one to blow his own trumpet, Teramoto also expressed his pleasure to offer RR7 in 1080p, at 60fps and in 5.1, something he claims is only possible on the PS3.

Real Gambler3744d ago

This article was obviously crossposted to the PS3 side by mistake, or maybe so Rowland can cook some burgers on all the flames that will fire from everywhere....

This is a comment from an xbox fan on xboxusergroup crossposted on both n4g xbox and ps3 side.... FLAME AWAY...

Even worst, there's absolutely no reference except maybe a link to a pc web site where nothing could be found.

Just flame bait, move on ; )

WafflesID3744d ago

sorry, While I do favor the 360 heavily right now, this article is just worthless. At the VERY least, it is ridiculously old.

Who approves this crap?

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felidae3744d ago (Edited 3744d ago )

it's all about taste.

if you prefer a sharper, brighter look, than go with the ps3 version

if you prefer a shiny, darker look, go with the 360 version

these are the only differences i notice when i play games or demos for both systems.

except DIRT, which runs much smoother and looks a little better on the ps3.

ben hates you3744d ago

we know that your a ps3 only person

power of Green 3744d ago

PS3 has bright washed out less color and less detail.

360 has better darks when things are suppose to be dark and better brights when things are suppose to be bright and more rich vivid vibrant color like the way true HD looks, thats all HD is, More detail, more vibrant color & more clear detail and PS3 fails to compare.

Its not preference when people buy $2000 HDTV's to experiance HD(color/Detail/better darks/better brights/ its an excuse due to blind loyalty and a lack luster console.

No one believes the PS3's short commings are a wonderful choice for people to admire its viewed as a handi-capp and not as advanced. All PS3 games that do have color have a bland powered look to them.

You wont see this on PS3 not ever(pics)

bluebrad19743744d ago

There is proof all over the market that proves the ps3 is the inferior console. Gears of War wipes the floor with every current and every hyped upcoming ps3 title. And here is the sad part, Mass Effect coming for 360 in Nov, wipes the floor with Gears of War.

You sony minions either don't pay attention to what's on 360, your a sony "plant" and get paid to fill peoples head with bull****, or your just flat delusional.

WafflesID3744d ago

Sorry PoG but those are PC DX10 shots.

I love my 360 and all, but honestly those are beyond what either the PS3 or the 360 are capable of. I can't imagine even an 8800 GTX doing those at 60FPS. Some serious shader performance required there.

I hope I'm wrong :) Because those are good enough to print and frame and hang on the wall....

popup3743d ago

Those Alan Wake screens Power was talking about reminded me of something I had seen in a beta...

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beavis4play3744d ago (Edited 3744d ago )

the whole article is a fanboy blog on an x360 site. wow, really suprised at what was said. and there is no spin required. i have a ps3 and am very happy with it. 360 is a good system too but only 1 game i would want.(bioshock) this should be a great site for game news and discussion. but it's overly subjective, flame-war crap like this that won't allow it to happen. and you aren't any better than nasim, evil angel.

HaKeRsCanRotINHEL3744d ago (Edited 3744d ago )

if one (that one being developers) were too try a little harder! The end result could be unfathomable! ( adjective- Incapable of being grasped by the intellect or understanding ) MGS4 being an example!

Lumbo3744d ago

Wow, what a nice attempt of story recycling. The original Story was posted in November 2006, and has now been QUOTED on the xBox Fanpage.

Thats about as OLD as it can get.

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