Cliiffy B tags PC gamers “grumpy” for not getting Bulletstorm Demo

GB writes: Epic’s Dev boss, Cliff Bleszinski has a unique take on the situation. He states that PC gamers who are unhappy about this as being “grumpy”

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Kran2562d ago (Edited 2562d ago )

Im sorry Cliff, but I have to disagree with you for once. PC Gamers have just as much right as console gamers with demos and such, and deserve a demo just like us.

I bet if there were a Portal 2 demo, and the only people who would get it would be PC people, I bet he would be like: CONSOLE PEOPLE DESERVE A DEMO, NOT PC FOLK

cyborg2562d ago

comments like this only show how bright he is.

HolyOrangeCows2562d ago (Edited 2562d ago )

Cliffy D-bag is a numbskull. He's always ready to open his mouth and say something stupid.

EPIC games doesn't care much about its own roots, I guess.

That's a goofy excuse. Of COURSE we're talking about someone RELATED TO THE GAME INDUSTRY and not some random internet D-bags.

"who says things people don't want to hear"
Like nonsense, yes.

MidnytRain2562d ago

To be fair, I think it's only fair to point out that you just described 98% of the internet. The only reason he gets so much hate is because he's a well-known developer who says things people don't want to hear.

Megaton2562d ago

Douche Huge is just gonna get his game pirated a bit more because of this decision. A lot of PC gamers who actually spend money on games will pirate them if there's no demo to test it out.

Focker4202562d ago (Edited 2562d ago )

I've never liked Cliffy B. I always thought he was an arrogant douche, and this just reinforces that notion. Well I was kinda looking forward to Bulletstorm until I was reminded of what a [email protected] Cliffy B is.

FinalSpartan2562d ago

PC gamers should get the demo too.

Raf1k12562d ago

He seems to have forgotten the people that supported Epic Games from the beginning. Saying such things might actually push people to pirate it just to try and get one back at him.

dragonelite2560d ago

I think it's more EA decision then epic.

EVILDEAD3602562d ago

LOL @ the Cliffy hate...

Petition from PC community inbound..


RBLAZE19882562d ago (Edited 2562d ago )

Ahaha can we please stop calling him Cliffy B. Please?

In other news Epic games gave up on their roots when unreal engine 3 and the xbox 360 came out. Pc gamers shouldn't really be surprised but still this is just a really dumb comment. I'd be grumpy if the console version didn't get a demo. He just thinks that he can get away with it because as long as he has the console fans sucking his little d, the game will still be successful and make profit. Most western companies have turned their backs on the pc gamers that supported them on the way up. It's ok tho cause they'll see them all on the way down. Don't think those same companies won't turn their backs on the current fans if kinect and casual gaming gimmicks start selling massively.

pimpmaster2562d ago

what do you want us to call him clifford?

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RedDead2562d ago

Your the one losing money cliff

gameseveryday2562d ago

This is cheap publicity I think. Or in other words hes a console fanboy.

psb2562d ago

what he's talking about, I hope he's not grumpy when noone buys the PC version of the game.

Jacobite2562d ago

No PC demo might not buy, so chew on that Cliffy (muppet!)