Dynasty Warriors 7 Official Website Updated

Tecmo Koei Europe has recently updated the official Dynasty Warriors 7 website, now offering even more details on each of the four clans featured in the game, and the characters therein. Dynasty Warriors 7 is currently expected to launch worldwide this March.

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Andreas-Sword2891d ago

Dynasty Warriors 7 will be the best Hack and Slash game ever!
day 1 buy!

PS3Freak2890d ago

I see they have added new characters.

Some I have been used to seeing as faceless for years: Deng Ai, Jia Xu, Sima Shi, Ma Dai and Ding Feng. and some that I have never heard of like Bao Sanniang... Who the fuck is that?

I'm interested to see what this game will be like. Won't expect too much change though, for obvious reasons.

zeal0us2890d ago

If tecmo koei actually make it decent on the xbox 360 and not pull an square enix, then I might go buy the game.