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About: "While Superman has his weakness (allergy?) to Kryptonite, and Lex Luther sports an Earth threatening ego it is exactly those tragic shortcomings that allow us not only to relate, but to see them in incredible stories. "DC Universe Online" (DCUO) gives us a chance to play with those stories, to fight along side Wonder Woman, to fight as Batman, to rescue Harley Quinn from the wicked clutches of Robin (really) and to create new stories based on super-beings of our making. While no super-powered being is perfect, neither is any game, "DCUO" included, but a casual MMO that caters to participatory culture? Sign me up!"

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DEADEND2862d ago

Great score and I hope nothing but Success for this game because it deserves it.

alien6262862d ago

this is an awesome game i keep playing all the way to late night and going to sleep late because of this game lol no game has done that since GTA:SA

Raf1k12862d ago (Edited 2862d ago )

I'm seriously thinking about buying this since I'm bored of WoW even with Cataclysm.

edit: @DEADEND, I've got a bit of a backlog of games that I've been wanting to play and this years lineup of games is just going to make that even bigger. I'll pick this up once my mates are done with their final year at uni so we can all play together. The game looks great though so should be a blast.

DEADEND2862d ago

You should get it they need more people online and it deserve the sells. I'll be getting it sometime next month.

Brixxer6002862d ago

I would play it if could get it , knew i should've pre-ordered.

Pain2862d ago (Edited 2862d ago )

I got my copy and my Brothers at Walmart first day 1 hour after the store opened.

try them i always have luck getting any game there then game only store.. err. if your NA side that is ^^

Masterchef20072862d ago

i am still in a debate with myself as whether to get this game or not. But the best option is to wait and see how they deal with updates.

Saryk2862d ago

Wait to get the game. Servers are down constanly and game is real laggy in popular spots. PVP is a mess. But the game is freaking fun even with the problems. But I recommend you wait to get it, another month.

P_Bomb2862d ago (Edited 2862d ago )

Nah. Get it now.

Servers were down a bit on Sunday but that was on purpose so they could increase the server capacity to let more players on. Decrease queues and High/Full servers. I still managed to go from level 17 to 22 by marathoning in about 3 different sessions yesterday. They're not down constantly if I can get to 22 on one guy and 11 on another in less than a week.

Sometimes if you just wait an extra few seconds for everything/everyone to fully load in a new area, it can help a lot with lag. Coming into a new area (cop station) with 50 people and going straight to your UI will lag a bit because everything is trying to stream in. It's not 8 VS 8 COD lag, it's a hundred people in a couple open worlds simultaneously (each server has its own Gotham and Metropolis to go back and forth between).

2862d ago