ZTGD: Heavenly Sword Playstation 3 Review

Back when Sony first announced the PlayStation 3 there was one game in the snippet of tech demos that stood out. That title was known as Heavenly Sword. Being an avid fan of action titles such as God of War and Ninja Gaiden watching this trailer could fill you with hope of finally being able to play a game that mimicked the insane aerial combat found on classic Honk Kong flicks set to a gorgeous graphical backdrop. The promise of tons of onscreen foes and deep and engaging combat were more than enough to transcend this game to one of the most wanted titles for the console. Now more than two years later you can finally put your grubby hands all over Nariko and her new game. While the game does get off to a plodding start it ramps up quickly ending in one incredible finale that is a must play for all fans of the action genre.

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nasim3806d ago

BTW people HS made to n5 of the PAL charts ending 15th september.

wow the game made it to top 5 just 2 days after its release in UK

in ITALY ,FRANCE and SPAIN it has made it to no 1 spot within just 2 days of its release

Baba19063806d ago

luky guys. still not in stores in the german speaking countrys.

PimpHandHappy3806d ago

But when you trade in games like me i get 30bucks back on it. This game will get traded in for COD4 in a couple months!

Great game

wangdiddy823806d ago

damn are people that poor?? cant afford to buy a 60 dollar game which kicks major a$$.. This game rocks.. I hate how people complain its short.. Most good games are and this is a trilogy.. Ive had the game for a week now and i still havent beat it.. warhark is eating all my time up.. But the time ive spent with this game is awesome.. Its fun like god of war but its not the same at all.. Way different story lines and characters..

I also dont understand how some people think these days.. People say the PS3 is so expensive but than they go out and buy the iphone which is 600 bucks for a freaking phone.. Doesnt make too much sense if you ask me..

MalcomGrasley3806d ago

Heavenly Sword is amazing.

The production values, voice acting, facial animation, amount of stuff going on onscreen at once, and draw distance are all of the highest level of any game out there.

The most surprising aspect of Heavenly Sword is the deep combat system with the three different stances. Mixing up combos, doing counters, and dodging make the game want to be played over and over as you continue to get better and better at fighting. People will be playing this game for a long time because you first play through on normal mode and replay missions over and over to try to get a perfect completion and then the whole game once again on the crazy difficulty level.

Just like Lair, the BluRay disc is filled with huge amounts of extras that are unlocked as you progress through the game: concept art, ingame movies, interviews.

A must have title for almost every PS3 owner.

Score 10/10 Flawless - with only some screen tearing here and there to possibly detract from a perfect score.

7ero H3LL3806d ago (Edited 3806d ago )

You know, in some elite schools their grade scale is altered. In my old school an A was actually graded at a 94-100, a B 87-93, and a C (passing) was 80-86, giving each letter seven points of polarity (either a minus neutral or plus). 8 out of 10 would have translated to a c-.

But I'll be kind and allow it's 8/10 to equate to a B-.

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