Dead Space 2 release delayed

According to the EA press site Dead Space 2 is delayed till February 4th. No announcement from Electronic Arts yet.

Update: The screenshots is taking from the DUTCH Electronic Arts press site. They have send an email out stating the delay. No response from them yet.


Ship date hasn't changed: Jan 25 in NA, and Jan 28 in the EU.

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Marcello2768d ago

Oh please dont be true :( i was already counting the days

deafwing2767d ago

ea hasn't said much on this, so its rumor till they say something

CoxMulder2767d ago


Only the German version is delayed.

Sneak-Out2768d ago

The Game was delayed only in Germany for one week

Kran2768d ago (Edited 2768d ago )


Why does it say 3rd Feb for Germany, and yet on this article, the date is 4th Feb?

malyn2768d ago

that it,s a lie cuz there is a review for dead space 2


and some guy already played the game


chadley2768d ago

Reviewers get early copies of "most" to "every" game.

IcemanHH212768d ago

lots of people can get early copies, specialy for review Son

2767d ago
Op242768d ago

Stop approving the article till the submitter changes it so people know it's only delayed in Germany. This guys looking for hits.

Op242768d ago

ok fine. Still though this is what N4G's turning into a bunch of hit driven articles that aren't even true. Look 390

peowpeow2767d ago

'turning into', man, 'bunch of hit driven articles' has been most of the content for years

hoppermania2768d ago

According to my login on the EA press site it's delayed till Feb 4th (Netherlands)

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The story is too old to be commented.