Nintendo 3DS Causes Dizziness and Fatigue in 10 Minutes

Japanese weekly magazine Friday has posted an article about Nintendo's 3DS event in Japan last week at Makuhari International Convention Center in Tokyo. The magazine reviewed numerous visitors who played the demo of 3DS at the show.

A majority of players said they experienced symptoms of dizziness within 10 minutes of playing. One 30 year old male said he played the Sengoku Musou Chronicles demo, the game feels good at the beginning, but in a few minutes he couldn't take the stereoscopic 3D visual anymore and turned it back to 2D mode.

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NoobSessions2889d ago

Hopefully Nintendo finds a way to fix out before release. Theres no point in having a 3D screen if most people can't even utilize it for more than 10 minutes.

ULTIMATE_REVENGE2889d ago (Edited 2889d ago )

You can't fix this without a hardware revision. None of the currently available glasses-less 3D screens work properly.

A lot of the attendees at this years CES weren't very impressed with the glasses-less 3D TV's on display, and they were all working on technology far better than the 3DS's screen technology.

This is currently a broken feature.

Cheeseknight282888d ago

The likelyhood of Nintendo releasing a broken product is slim at best. They found enormous success with the Wii and DS, and while the Wii's motion wasn't terribly accurate, both systems were more-or-less groundbreaking. With all the time and resources they had available, they won't blow it with shoddy 3D tech.

Don't get me wrong, I'm still skeptical. But I'm optimistic at the same time, and will read further impressions.

DelbertGrady2888d ago

Cheeseknight28 - Exactly. I find it almost impossible to think that Nintendo hasn't thoroughly tested its product before releasing it. This is most probably an isolated case.

TLG19912888d ago


finally someone who talks sence and realises that its A LONG time off quility 3D tech without glasses it just isn't possible yet unless we have a fully manufactured holovisual of some sort thats probly the best we can get without glasses.

TBH the glasses dont bother me its not like they are the paper ones they are specialy made for comfort and after 10 seconds i forget they are even on my head.

Spitfire_Riggz2888d ago

Especially at the price of 299

StbI9902888d ago

That is why sony didst choose 3D on the psp2 for the while, guess when the tech get properly tightened then we will behold some new psp2 model with the capability, meanwhile, I myself don't think I would like to maltreat my eyes more than what they already are...guess no 3D while playing ocarina of time for me xD.

kneon2888d ago

there's no fixing it at this point. The 3D screen used on the 3DS requires that you view the screen from a fixed distance and angle. Move too much out of that zone and the 3D effect is lost.

I expect the problem is that since it's a handheld it's constantly moving, even when you try to keep it still. These small changes in distance and angle are likely the problem as it's making you're eyes work harder.

This is old and relatively inexpensive tech, but it's all that you can do on a handheld. There is just no way to add head tracking and a dynamic 3D screen on such a device at this point, it would be far too expensive. Besides it doesn't even work that well yet on full size TVs regardless of the cost.

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Jio2889d ago

They have to take into account that they've been standing in line for hours, and are in a loud and hectic environment

SpLinT2888d ago

Ya ya whatever. Nintendo will release an improved 3DS GT or some wierd new 3ds with better 3d. ITs all part of the plan.

RageAgainstTheMShine2888d ago (Edited 2888d ago )

exactly! virtual boy again with free Advil with every unit purchase

fr0sty2888d ago

it has far too much developer support to flop like VB did though.

Neo Nugget2888d ago

They could just include a small box of Tylenol with every purchase.

Kon2888d ago

Too early to release the 3DS. Maybe if they waited 2 years, they could develop a new technology instead of a technology that can harm people.

Nathaniel_Drake2888d ago

I wonder, without glasses and with glasses, which one will cause you fatigue faster or is it the same?

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