New videos of Crysis Beta running at 720p/1080p

Here are the 9 new videos of Crysis Beta running at 720p and 1080p in DirectX 9. You may need to install DivX Web Player to view or download these videos.

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MaximusPrime3835d ago

i really wanted to see this game on PS3 too. It will be awesome.

pwnsause3835d ago

well, EA is publishing it

Vip3r3835d ago (Edited 3835d ago )

"well, EA is publishing it"

Yeah and we all know how good they are with ports.


JsonHenry3835d ago

I love how they are preaching the DX9 version now that Vista does not really have an install base worth pandering to. The game looks amazing no matter what version of DX is being used though.

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Capt CHAOS3834d ago

Why all the excitement? All the rave seems to be just about the graphics? What's the point if 1/2 the PCs can't run it and it'd have to be scaled back for consoles anyway?