Team Silent Disbanded by Konami? Homecoming Artist Says So

Hell Descent: According to Kenzie LaMar, an artist for Silent Hill: Homecoming, Team Silent did not just get up and go. Konami apparently pushed them away because they wanted the games to be different. This comment comes from Kenzie on his deviantART page from 2010. We may be late on this, but the comments are pretty interesting.

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CernaML2741d ago

That pic is amazing. But if this is true, then I will be extremely pissed. As if Konami screwing over the American music game fanbase time and time again wasn't enough.

NYC_Gamer2740d ago

bring back team silent or i wont buy any of the new titles

Arsenic132740d ago

I guess you didn't read the very last bit of the post.

It's that type of thinking that damages the series. TS was hardly even a team. They were not some elite group, just a few alternating people. Akira being the only that lasted through 1-4, and he did the music.

VenomProject2740d ago

Well said.


People need to get over Team Silent. I love Akira Yamaoka, but COME ON.

guzman2740d ago

You just need to get over being a douche.

Arsenic132740d ago (Edited 2740d ago )

The maturity your comment conveys truly proves to me that you understand SH, and are not just following what the elitists say to fit in with them.


FiftyFourPointTwo2740d ago

Konami can go F themselves if this is true.

Enigma_20992740d ago

AHA!!! More proof that the sale of used games is hurting the industry!!![/sarcasm]

jc485732740d ago (Edited 2740d ago )

It's just more interesting and refreshing to play a horror game done by a Japanese group (same people or not). Anything after 4 just felt like something else.

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