OXM UK: 16 Best Xbox Live Freebies

Sometimes there is such a thing as a free lunch. OXM UK has located the top sixteen pieces of free content available on Xbox Live. So if your wallet is looking thin, this list if for you.

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NoobSessions2885d ago

I dont understand why people say MS never gives anything for free, I can add alot more of things to that list too.

Bobby Kotex2885d ago (Edited 2885d ago )

You can't use any of that stuff without a gold subscription. Technically, none of it's free.

NoobSessions2885d ago

Most Xbox gamers do have a gold subscription though, and obviously MS is going to serve their base that supports them more, who is also the majority, and also to make the sub's value higher.
Sony does the same thing with PS+.

Rhythmattic2885d ago

Bobby's Right... Technically...

AAACE52885d ago

Some of that stuff you can't use without a gold membership, but some you can!

You guys also forget, if a person doesn'r have a gold membership, more than likely they bought the console to play games and don't care about the extra crap!

Last gen I did the same thing. People kept telling me to get XBL or sign up for Playstation Online. I didn't want because I didn't care about it!

We like to believe that people look for the same things we value, but people have different opinions about stuff! You may look at an old 67' Mustang and see a great car that needs a little work! Someone else might ask why do you want to buy that piece of sh*t car?

Lots of people see it as, I see a game I want to play, I buy the system and play it, and that's it! We buy the system and want to try out everything on it!

Believe it or not, no matter how much tech these consoles have in them, as long as it has the title "GAME CONSOLE" in it... it will be viewed as a toy!

I was trying to convince a guy to buy a Ps3 a few days ago, telling him about all the different things you could do with it. But he wasn't into games much and couldn't look past that word. Even though I talked about the bluray, netflix, internet, etc. he just couldn't see himself buying it. Said he would rather buy a bluray player and a laptop, or a laptop with a bluray player in it.

DanteFoxx2885d ago

I never realized how much is only offered to gold members now that i went silver. I can't even take a picture with my vision cam and send to a friend. it cost 60 dollars a year to do that.

on a different note. i used to be able to video chat with gold using my vision cam. now even if I'm gold I can't because microsoft is scamming people now you have to have connect to video chat