PGR4 demo details

Bizarre Creations has very kindly told Eurogamer what to expect from the Project Gotham Racing 4 Xbox Live demo - just as soon as it comes out of certification and lands on your Internet face.

The demo will consists of five vehicles (made up of cars and bikes), with a demo-only Arcade mode chapter set in Macau. This will consist of new challenges that have been custom-built for the demo.

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Double-Edged3688d ago

Demos...are a norm in the 360 realm.

So glad.

Bnet3433688d ago

too bad RRoD kept me from playing any demos that came after TimeShift demo. At least I'm enjoying the Team Fortress 2 beta!!! :P

Shaka2K63688d ago

Midnight Club - LA looks more fun then this.