Masterpiece: The NES Advantage—God's own controller

The NES Advantage feels small when you hold it with adult hands. This is the controller many of us grew up with, the arcade-style monster Nintendo released for the original NES. With its hard plastic shell, solid construction, and steel bottom it could also serve as an efficient murder weapon in the wrong hands. The buttons were much larger than the standard controller, and the Advantage had many built-in bells and whistles that seemed like a revelation.

The Advantage may not seem like much when we look at the arcade-quality sticks for sale now, but at its release it certainly set the bar for the state-of-the-art console controllers. It was something you drooled over in the stores. Even now it feels like a brick, a wonder in the time of small, plastic, square controllers. The NES Max? That was a piece of crap. The Advantage was what everyone wanted.

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phantomexe2890d ago

god yes i so loved that controler. id never go to a friends house without it back in the day.