Microsoft thanks EU after losing its appeal

Microsoft general counsel Brad Smith has given the company's first response to the rejection of its appeal against the European Commission's anti-trust action.

The Court of First Instance ruled that the commission was right to fine Microsoft €497m and to order it to provide competitors with interoperability information for its workgroup servers.

Brad Smith thanked the court for the work it had done. Smith said: "I do want to simply start by expressing our gratitude to this court for the lengthy consideration that it gave to these issues. These are obviously complicated and important topics, and we appreciate all of the objective and thorough work that went into the decision that was issued today."

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Bleyd3932d ago

"Thank you, sir! May I have another!"

Wozzer3932d ago

Couldn't stop laughing when I read this article lol

BIadestarX3932d ago

sucks for the consumer.... microsoft will simply charge them a few more € for windows and office... no reason why microsoft should be upset. Now ask yourself euro people the following questions.

Why do the eruopean consumer have to pay more for what americans and people in Japan pay less? Why do you have to pay more for a PS3, an xbox 360, video games.. why you still dont have xbox live movies... why you don't have the Zune... why many products never see the light in Europe?

Do you think this decision will benefit the consumer in Europe? What? not shipping Media Player with windows OS benefit the consumer? Ready those euros... because the way I see it.. you will always continue to pay the price for the stuff that your gov does to the companies that sell you the products... when your gov tax companies, when they fine them... you think Microsoft pays for this? You do... need prove? You always get everything last and pay more...
This is why microsoft thanks EU... translation, "Thank you. you now gave us another reason to raise our prices and remove features and contents that the consumer would get for free".

jackie chann3932d ago

Haha in the end they both win

mJust as Bladestar says microsoft will now give you less and you need to buy those things separately, meaning more £££s for them. The government will make more money from the many different companies moving in for profit, with these companies also benefitting.

The only ones who lose out are us......