Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Screenshots

Eurogamer Portugal published some screenshots from Tekken Tag Tournament 2.

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diefor2804d ago

i hope this its the comeback from the great game.

the_best_player2804d ago

Tekken 6 was perfect and well balanced.
The haters had no skill or were too lazy and rage quit.

Gran Touring2804d ago

miguel is starting to remind me of Cody from SF


Im sorry but tekken has lost me.If i want to play a beat em up game i go for street fighter and the new mortal combat.

the_best_player2804d ago

Street Fighter is for no skill noobs.
The new mortal combat looks like it has balance problems.

DEADEND2804d ago

I have to disagree with the both of you, they are both great games in their own right. They both require skill and tactic but what really matter is if it's fun for you the owner.


No its not, have u seen what u have to do to pull off akuma special move.I blive u need skill to do that.And the new mortal combat is not out yet so how can u say it looks like it got balance problems when u have not even played. I have always luved mortal combat over tekken bcuz its more bloody and gory.

jetlian2803d ago

akuma's moves!!! try doing geese's level 3 in kof. MK never had any skill involved

Baka-akaB2804d ago

Lol Jinpachi's return .

I guess they've made it a normal character then , instead of a super crappy demon

Chauvez2804d ago

I know right, ahhhh that would totally suck if he was that monster he was in T5.

Although... o.o
I wonder if theyre going to make a new boss 4 this wun,
and if so can he beat the cheapiness that was Azazel??

Cant wait XD

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