Eurogamer gives 9/10 to Team Fortress 2 - "Ten years well spent"

It's important to start this review by jumping up and down waving excitedly about Team Fortress 2's brilliant graphics: not only is everything extremely clear and intuitive, with character classes that you can easily distinguish at distance, but when you get killed the game crash-zooms to and freeze-frames your killer, so you can immediately identify who, why, how and where. Other FPS developers: copy this immediately.

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nasim3835d ago

Eurogamer is a horrible 1up affiliated BOTTISH site that gave CRACKDOWN a 9/10

any multiplat/x360 game scores high on eurogamer and all of 1up's associates like EGM and PSM (run by a former BOT who was EIC of OXM )

deadshark13835d ago

hello is this game team fortress 2 on exclusively on pc or wat other consoles i know its on steam but wat else

Rooted_Dust3835d ago

No, I believe console players will get this too(PS3, X-box360). IMO though the best place for this game will be on the PC(Better Controls, Free Online w/ Voice chat and community features, mods, and maps).

marinelife93835d ago

Warhawk shows you who killed you as well. There are a lot of FPS that do that.

Daxx3835d ago

I can't wait to get my Orange Box. :D

deadshark13835d ago

orange box wats that? wats in it

ryanjtravis3835d ago

Did the review get pulled? I'm getting a 404 error when I try to read this...

TnS3835d ago

Eurogamer pulled it down for a few minutes, but it is up again.

ryanjtravis3835d ago

Sweet - this looks fantastic. I was already pretty excited about it, but after reading about how well-balanced all the roles are, I'm ready to pick this one up right away. So many good games coming...

Shaka2K63835d ago

I dont follow bioschok, beacuase i dont care for the game but i bet this guys at eurogamer are the same blind tools that gave bioshock a 10/10 and now they go with Team Fortress 2 with only a 9.
are so stupid eneough to think bioshock is a better game then Team Fortress.
what a joke of a website as usuall only anti-Sony guys are the only ones who get jobs like this.

Daxx3835d ago

It got a 9/10. Last time I checked that was a good thing. Besides have you played TF2 yet?

RelloC3835d ago (Edited 3835d ago )

you are honestly b!tching that they gave bioshock a 10 and tf2 ONLY a 9... wow. im beginning to see a bridge off in the distance.

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