Mass Effect: 18 IGN Gameplay Videos

IGN posted 17 new gameplay footage videos on September 14 and a developer walkthrough video on September 17. To save bandwidth, only 5 are attached here - including a slightly different introduction with a blonde female Shepard. View the other videos listed under "Alternative Sources" below.

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Alernative sources (17)
Developer Walkthroughmedia.xbox360.ign.comktchong
Team Battlemedia.xbox360.ign.comktchong
Driving the Makomedia.xbox360.ign.comktchong
Sheppard is Ruthlessmedia.xbox360.ign.comktchong
Extreme Combatmedia.xbox360.ign.comktchong
Character Spotlight #1media.xbox360.ign.comktchong
Making a Mistakemedia.xbox360.ign.comktchong
Mako Fightmedia.xbox360.ign.comktchong
The Galaxy Mapmedia.xbox360.ign.comktchong
More Combatmedia.xbox360.ign.comktchong
Talking To Garrusmedia.xbox360.ign.comktchong
Deadly Combatmedia.xbox360.ign.comktchong
Exploring Agbeniummedia.xbox360.ign.comktchong
Using Bioticsmedia.xbox360.ign.comktchong
Creating Femalemedia.xbox360.ign.comktchong

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felidae3902d ago

i really hope this game is not 80% about dialog-trees and choices in conversations

graphics and facial animations are amazing

this is a game i might be checking out

Norad63902d ago

I HOPE this game is about %80 dialog. Its an RPG! I love being a part of a big story above anything els. As long as I get to make all the choices, I'm golden.

BTW... I watch those videos and I just pooped a little.

the_round_peg3902d ago

They all start with a "B".

Blizzard. BioWare. Bungie. Bethesda.

Do you see the connection?!?

BLACKJACK VII3902d ago (Edited 3902d ago )

Amen. Bubbles 4U.

0LDSCH00L3902d ago

Mass Effect ROCKS!!! Game of the year, RPG of the year and everything else of the year!!!