Seattle Times: "Halo 3" promos troubling

Microsoft is saying its upcoming "Halo 3" video game "will make entertainment history."

Seattle Times columnist, Brier Dudley wonders though, if the company will make another kind of history by releasing a provocatively themed war game in the throes of a horrible, divisive, real-life war. In the game, you play the part of Master Chief, a Marine saving the world by blasting away at alien zealots.

He writes, "I don't want to be a spoilsport or a hypocrite. "Halo" is a great game that millions of people, including me, will be playing for years."

But the overt symbolism Microsoft is using to sell "Halo 3" is unsettling. Maybe I've lived in Seattle too long. You've got to wonder, though, whether Microsoft is pushing it in this case.

Consider the "Halo 3" ads that Microsoft unveiled last week, before the game's Sept. 25 launch.

They're a series of mock documentaries, some featuring a scarred old soldier recalling battles fought with Master Chief, "the man who gave the world faith" and made humanity "believe again."

Is that M.C. or J.C.?"

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Maddens Raiders3870d ago

Lame: (21 minutes ago)
You didn't even fix anything plus its a stupid article.
Reported by: FordGTGuy

Lame: (24 minutes ago)
retarded. halo has nothing to do with present conflicts. just because its popular doesn't mean it relates to iraq. try a modern warfare game where your fighting middle easterns before halo.
Reported by: nobizlikesnowbiz
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NEWSFLASH: I didn't write this. A Seattle Times columnist did though. Stop attacking the poster. Or at least attack the style not the words -- repeating -- I did not write this Seattle Times column.


ShiftyLookingCow3869d ago

its not a bad read at all. Besides its nice to know how mainstream press reacts.

Armyless3869d ago (Edited 3869d ago )

In fact, they cram it down our throats.

Mass media... nerds, geeks, tree-huggers, politicos, wack-jobs, and ugly people that need real jobs, and not this holy-crusade to shape our views.

Lord Anubis3869d ago

lol at the fake reports. I wonder if someone will come up with a conspiracy for this story. If so, please include ninjas.

The Dark Knight3869d ago

I love halo so much ill die if i dont get it soon. But in some areas they are over doing it

progx3869d ago (Edited 3869d ago )

Your so goddamn pathetic, posting lameass sh*t like this. So much hate for Halo. You have problems man...big ones.

EDIT: How am I confused? I never said he personally said this stuff. Learn to read.

EDIT: WOW man, you really are stupid as hell. Calling out the poster IS NOT saying he said it. Im calling him out b/c hes a rabid anti-halo spaz. Posting pointless crap like this.

xc7x3869d ago (Edited 3869d ago )

M Raiders isn't saying this,the report they got it from is.

PS; Panzer,how is calling the contributors name out in your title not saying he said it? read your own comment and get back with me...that's unless you totally erase it to deny're still confused

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