Black and White Played on Kinect

demize2010 has uploaded yet another video and this time he is playing the game Black and White on Kinect using FAAST. Enjoy the video..

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Jaces2861d ago

Your arms gonna get tired after a bit, rather have my mouse and keyboard.

NoobSessions2861d ago

its a nice experience though

Jaces2861d ago

True, it is pretty cool just not something I could see being implemented into games like that unless you used it for spells only.

guigsy2861d ago

RTS games would be awesome on Kinect. It's just about getting people to adjust to such a different control scheme.

eggbert2861d ago

I'd have to disagree. They'd have to substitute all the hotkeys (which RTS's have tons of) into hand gestures, either that or they'd have tons of buttons on screen.

It might be good for really basic RTS games, but anything that is layed competitively with high APM probably wouldn't be too good with the current technology.

Mac is OK2861d ago

This is what Lionhead should be working on, forget Milo.

dexterganpot2861d ago

he has a controller in his hand alongside Kinect, that was the whole purpose of the playstation move to combine controller and camera to play games, Kinect moto was completely no controller.

nilamo2861d ago

I don't understand what's wrong with having games that use only the kinect camera and games that are hybrids. Right now move only offers hybrids.

Nicaragua2861d ago

Move only offers hybrids because it is by definition a piece of hardware. The PS3 however also has games which are controlled only with the a camera if thats what you want.

You can only get the sort of accuracy needed for "hardcore" games by using what you call a hybrid setup such as the Wii and PS3.

Bigpappy2861d ago (Edited 2861d ago )

Nunchuck to move around in traditional games. I think this could happen soon. Don't woory about "you are the controller, there will still be plenty of those games also.

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The story is too old to be commented.