Newegg holding “PS3 Game Blowout” sale

Newegg in holding a “PS3 Game Blowout” sale on select games including 3D Dot Game Heroes, Demon’s Souls, and more.

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thereapersson2893d ago

Good deals there.

Too bad those games are either ones I already own, or never gave much attention to in the first place...

AKS2893d ago

Plenty still don't have Demon's Souls. I'm sure it's reputation have scared some out of getting it. But for just $15 I'm hoping more give it a try. It's my favorite game this generation.

vickers5002892d ago (Edited 2892d ago )

I had it before, but then sold it because I thought I would never play it again due to the crushing difficulty, but then bought it again a week ago. I really liked the graphics and gameplay, but the game is too unfair.

I don't mind the difficulty of the enemies, that doesn't bother me that much, nor does the fact that if you get killed, you have to start the level over again. What bothers me, and what drove me away from the game in the first place, was when you get killed, you lose all your souls in addition to having to start the level over. I'm not one for repeating a level over and over again having to re collect everything just to get it perfect.

Others find overcoming that challenge rewarding, but I just find it frustrating and a waste of my time. They should have had a "p*ssy" difficulty for people like me (like a paid DLC) who just want to enjoy the actual game. Don't make the enemies easier, just make it a smaller penalty when you die.

I love the games atmosphere, graphics, music and gameplay, but I just want to enjoy that without being frustrated all the time, because I am not a patient person.

AKS2892d ago

The difficulty is part of Demon's Souls. It's evidently just not for you. Making the changes you're talking about alters the experience. You have to adopt a cautious, tactical style in order to be successful. That's one of the key components that sets it apart from the button mashers.

Also, I strongly disagree that it is an unfair game. It's quite fair, and deaths are almost always due a mistake by the user.

PirateThom2892d ago

Yeah, Demon's Souls, if anything, is a fair game. It just punishes you for messing up, seriously punishes you. It's a game of both trial and error and caution. I think most people look at other similar looking games and try to charge in and swing all about them, instead of taking their time.

vickers5002892d ago (Edited 2892d ago )

I don't want it to be a button masher, I just want death penalties to be less severe.

Having to start a level completely over again and kill every enemy over again and collect every little item all over again for simply dying is just crap. I welcome the intelligent enemy tactics and the crushing power of a single blow from them, but when they kill me with one hit and I have to start the level over again because of ONE HIT, then that's just bs, and does nothing to add to the quality of the game.

All it does is boost the egos of people who have too much time on their hands to beat the levels. There is NOTHING fun about having to redo that much crap over and over again. And yes, there are some unfair parts of the game.

During the start, I was watching a guide to get some good loot that was near a sleeping dragon, where you just had to quietly walk up and loot the body, so I go up there quietly, take the loot, and the next thing I know, I get crushed/killed by a sleeping dragons random moving tail, without any warning at all. That's bs. I could understand if it woke up and did that or stomped or bit me or breathed fire, but a random moving tail crushing me without the dragon even being awake is unfair crap. I don't know if there are more incidents like that, but I remember that's the last thing I played before I sold the game, because I got killed in such a stupid f*cking way and had to restart everything because of that.

Besides, difficulty/challenge is not all there is to Demon's Souls. Art style, atmosphere, graphics, gameplay and the haunting music are a big part of it too, from what I can tell at least, and I want to experience that first on easy mode so I can enjoy the actual game, and then later replay through it on a proper difficulty.

The game is definitely for me in terms of all those other elements (art style, graphics gameplay, challenging enemies, music), but they should have the option to have checkpoints every now and then. I'm not asking for anything like Call of Duty, but they should at least have 3 checkpoints per level, just so I don't have to start at the very beginning, because that is definitely not fun.

AKS2891d ago


You've definitely did a great job of convincing me that Demon's Souls just isn't for you. Your complaints about Demon's Souls are like saying American football looks like a great game to play with friends except they ruin it with all of the tackling and physical stuff. Sorry, that's just part of the game.

The difficulty is what motivates people to be so cautious and careful. Your character is capable of running and swinging blindly into unfamiliar and dangerous situations just like in other games. It's the difficulty in Demon's Souls that teaches the player that you will get crushed if you do it. It also quickly teaches most that you can't mess with a dragon trying to steal its loot and not expect the possibility of something terrible happening to you. LOL.

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garos822893d ago

those who havent touched demon souls yet and call themselves gamers.... shame on you

boletaria needs YOU

d0nT wOrrY2893d ago (Edited 2893d ago )

is Newegg deliver worldwide or US only ? pls answer

ECM0NEY2893d ago

Just bought Demon's Souls :)

garos822893d ago

good luck man. youve made yourself a fine purchase

hellzenvy2893d ago

I find it funny that Aliens Vs Predator is now 29.99 when they have been selling it for 9.99 for the last week and it was sold out still listed under the 10 games. Must have gotten another shipment in. Other then that the prices they have listed are what they have had for a long time a few are higher during this blow out sale. Ill wait for it to end for the prices to drop again. Truth or lies is only 10 right now but not listed on that sale as well as brutal legend.

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