Two new Killzone 2 Videos

The Norwegian game site Spillmagasinet have posted two exclusive videos showing some more gameplay as well as some info about the game's graphic engine.

Click here for Video 1

Click here for Video 2

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Arkham3714d ago (Edited 3714d ago )

New Demo gameplay, and new interview.

original source: (Use IE, not Firefox)

Edit - re: below: Wait until you see the pause and pan around the minigun boss. Coooool. ;)

Violater3714d ago (Edited 3714d ago )

will finish watching after work

btw this deserves a thread all for itself.


Take as good fun guys, nothing more.

Like I said, take it as good fun, instead the trolls take my bubbles.

nooreo3714d ago

OH GOD! that was sooo funny!
and xbot relives the console wars

MaximusPrime3714d ago

im happy to see the difference between Halo and Killzone. Killzone 2 is clearly better than Halo 3 in terms of graphic and gameplay.

I laughed out loud at that video. "beLIEve" LMAO

nasim3714d ago

what a shame that we are having halo 3 in the era of photorealism displayed by KZ2.

x360s are still being sold by IDIOTS in america . what a shame?

AllroundGamer3714d ago

nice one :D you can even see the graphical difference in the video with smaller resolution and videobitrate :)

FirstknighT3714d ago

that was a pretty funny video. Kinda clever. But that Halo 3 footage wasn't even the beta. That footage was taken from that small documentary released over an year ago. Not even close to the final version but funny nonetheless.

Kleptic3713d ago

haha that was have to admit MS walked right into that one...the real "museam" commercial has such a huge amount of cheese smothered on it, its inevitable for things like this to be made...

I am taking it as good fun...but to directly above...BOTH games are taken from very early footage...not just Halo 3...thats not a final KZ2 gameplay video vs. old alpha Halo 3 stuff...whatever opinion you have now between these 2 games visually, is what you will have upon release of its pointless in the first place...

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Devr3714d ago

In the gameplay vid the AI actually looks good for once! KZ2 looks sweet so far.

jlemdon3713d ago

yeah it does but I'm tired of both sony and M$ fanboys praising a game that the developer has been putting work in for years, like Halo 3 I'm tired of the hype for Halo 3 as well as Killzone 2 because Killzone 1 was Average. The only reason why Halo 3 get praised, for one it's the last Halo, and the series so far had good reviews.

nooreo3714d ago

Doesn't work for me T___T

XxZxX3714d ago

none of the link work

Arkham3714d ago

You'll have better luck going to the original site (see my first post) and clicking on the individual parts in the thumbnail sections.

Firefox doesn't work with these, so use IE or something else.

Vojkan3714d ago

I cant see picture, just sound