CryEngine 3: RealTime Immersive Inc. - Impressive Technology Demonstration

Watch a new video, showing an impressive technology demonstration. Hint: Watch it in HD!

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sleepy32886d ago

I don't think this is supposed to excite gamers. this is more aimed at devs.

Inside_out2885d ago

I didn't see anything impressive there...nothing that is not being done on consoles anyways. Everything looked rather plain and there are far better tech demo's out there.

Here's a vid of Remedy's Alan Wake engine on xbox 360...everything seen here is in the game...

Here's a vid of the latest Unreal engine 3 on consoles as of 2010...

Bioshock Infinite...

Obviously the PC demo's that are floating around out there are far mor impressive...

Here's why we need new consoles...imagine bioshock with this tech...

Chrome engine...

I'm assuming this one is on consoles...I think this game project: offset was cancelled...if on consoles, it would be pretty impressive...

STONEY42885d ago (Edited 2885d ago )

You do realize this video was made by a small dev making an army simulator? This was on N4G a few days back. Of course it won't be impressive, they obviously aren't as skilled as bigger devs, and graphics aren't the focus on military sims anyways.

"I'm assuming this one is on consoles...I think this game project: offset was cancelled...if on consoles, it would be pretty impressive..."

You thought that was on consoles? What's funny is that it was a PC exclusive game supposed to be released to show what Intel's Larabee could really do. Too bad Larabee was canceled, along with the game.

ProjectVulcan2885d ago (Edited 2885d ago )

Alan wake's engine was impressive when it was shown. SIX years ago....Today it is dated, and the fact that 360 cant keep it vsynced and sustain 30 frames a second with high resolution textures, anisotropic filtering etc @ a mere 960 x 544 should tell you enough about how inadequate 360 is at exploiting the full potential. If ever a game should have been on PC, A.W is it.

960 x 544 pixels for goodness sake...the iphone 4 has a better resolution! Yes, full screen iphone 4 games render with more pixels than alan wake on xbox 360. Dont take my word for it, go look up the native res of iphone 4.

popoyo2885d ago (Edited 2885d ago )

pc no games, best for exclusives ps4

awiseman2885d ago

"meh" says the ps3 fanboys. They still think that their exclusives still reign supreme. I almost feel sorry for them :P

StbI9902885d ago

Shame u cant play them either, which mean...

Ps3 > Pc any freaking day.

DeathMetal14742885d ago (Edited 2885d ago )

u have is uncharted, 1 game. KZ, resistence are generic crap. GT5 was a flop, LBP kiddie game. LOL

StbI9902885d ago

So what? you still cant play them xD...Mad honey? lmfao

Some random pc gamer also xbox troll talking bad of ps3 exclusive huh...havent yet found something as fun as motostorm on realistic a gt5 on pc, as action packed as uncharted, as creative as Lbp2, as fresh as the last guardian, Any baseball game? come MLB, let me shut and say it for you...OWNED

DeathMetal14742885d ago

OMG the horror. I'll play diablo 3, SC2, the Witcher 2, The Real version of BF3, The Old republic, Shogun total war 2. And every multiplat in HD unlike You. Enjoy gimped versions of Elder Scrolls, Deus EX, Brink, Crysis 2, and the old engine for BF3. LOL and for the reocrd I have a PS3 with free games thanks to my bro who works for SONY.

Love the realism on GT5 when you crash into a PLASTIC fence and bounce right off, so immersive. LOL

hoops2885d ago

To each their own. All systems have great games to play. The PS3, PC, Xbox360 and the Wii...
If you are a true gamer, you would know this.

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trippyaaron2885d ago

realtime cave creation tool looks sick!

TheIneffableBob2885d ago

Crysis 1 (CryENGINE 2) had the same feature. It uses voxels, the same technique Minecraft is built on.

xtremegamerage2885d ago

Cave creation looks nice, I don't think some of textures look great even in crysis full up.

Some parts look better then others.

ProjectVulcan2885d ago (Edited 2885d ago )

Crysis has pretty good texture work..but its not all pristine. However most of it like the ground and building textures are fantastic. Warhead sacrifices a little bit of this to improve performance. Still cant take away the fact nothing on console will touch either maxed

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