Akuma and Taskmaster Coming to MvC3

Well-known Street Fighter alumnus Akuma and much, much lesser-known Marvel comics supervillain Taskmaster are joining the robust character list for Marvel vs Capcom 3.

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supremacy2773d ago

Another street fighter and task master? Sigh

Sandwich Bender2773d ago

I've never been a fan of the series, or fighting games for that matter, but to be honest this looks pretty great.

Perjoss2773d ago

visually this is the most impressive game i've seen so far this year. The characters do not seem to be made from high res models nor do the textures look high res, but the overall look is just sheer eye candy. I particularly like the puffs of smoke when characters land or jump, and the various over the top pyrotechnic effects. Its almost to the point where there is just too much happening on screen. Love it.

The music on the other hand is quite boring imo, heard some tunes from the stages on the official site.

deafwing2773d ago

taskmaster is actually an insane character

he can copy anyone - even capn america had to give him props (kick his sorry red white and blue a$$ a few times)

Optical_Matrix2773d ago

4 fighters from Capcoms FLAGSHIP FIGHTING GAME FRANCHISE, and you're crying? Look at how many other characters there are. I don't see the problem. They're both welcome editions in my opinion. And Akuma looks to play very differently to Ryu.

oricon2773d ago

This is why people who dont play fighting game should stfu, You try to play akuma like how you would play Ryu and Ken and i would rape you >> and secondly super skrull is basically all the fantastic 4 in one.

Baka-akaB2773d ago

yup again he says another as if there was an onslaught of street fighter characters in the game .

4 of them , and among those 2 shotos vastly different from each others , instead of just ken and ryu

RockmanII72772d ago

Dude, the internet is so funny. I just got done ranting at a guy who says there aren't enough SF characters and now your saying there are too many.

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Azfargh2773d ago

another LAME characters inclusions... geez... I wanna see someone of the Fantastic Four or Silver Surfer or anyone more cooler than "TASKMASTER" or the Ryu/Ken copy and paste "AKUMA".

Myst2773d ago

Akuma has to pretty much be in everything nowadays. As for taskmaster no clue on what to say about him as I know very little, but yeah it should have been known that Akuma was going to be in anyway...

Redempteur2773d ago

SINCE WHEN AKUMA is a copy of ken/ryu ?

Do you guys even play the street fighter games ?

Baka-akaB2773d ago

It's not about Akuma having to be in everything nowadays .

Akuma STARTED the crossover trend . he was the first capcom character featured in another license fighting game . So of course he's going to be in every VS game .

guzman2773d ago

Someone's complaining about Akuma's inclusion? Jeez, somebody get this kid a snack pack.

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Gen0ne2773d ago

So we get Skeletor and another run of the mill Street Fighter. Venom, Juggernaut, Psylocke ( especially Psylocke ) and Strider, all no shows. Still getting this game regardless, but dammit.

oricon2773d ago

Capcom cant make everyone happy stop your whining and i find it funny you mention Psylocke while im a fan of her you mention her over more important Xmen characters.

Gen0ne2773d ago (Edited 2773d ago )

Nope, still gonna whine. So, there. ;)

edit: I dunno, I always liked to start off my fight with her and I figured her inclusion was a no brainer. As with Venom. Juggernaut I loved just because just seeing him on screen is imposing, making it that much more fun to whip his ass. And Stider needs to be shown some love, just in general. Capcom KNOWS we wanna see him- what's the deal?

Baka-akaB2773d ago (Edited 2773d ago )

To each their opinion .

There was no way to please everyone from both the comics fandom and fighting game fandom (and capcom fandom) .

Had MVC2 been only released in our current era , all of you guys would be complaining about Marrow , shuma gorrath , and every other marvel or capcom characters that "shouldnt" be there .

Marvel have been pushing Taskmaster for a few years as a pretty cool character in their comics . he's even been a few times a hero or rather anti-hero .

he's been an important part of the last 3 major marvel event crossovers (Civil Wars , Dark reign , Siege) and even got his own comics right now .

Not pointing at you per se nor particular chars mind you , but some people ought to realize that of course Marvel is going (at least in part) to try and make the game tied and relevant to its current comics , instead of just catering to nostalgia for characters than havent done anything relevant and cool for them , since the 90s ...


Strider i believe can't be there because of the incredibly murky copyrights deals surrounding the character .
It's not really their creation

guzman2773d ago

I do miss Strider and Jin.

supremacy2770d ago (Edited 2770d ago )

lol thats exactly what i mean, akuma may be a cool character and all but the guy is essentially another ryu, his creation was basically an idea that came from ryu and ken.

So..whats the final tally 36? 40? characters? and below is a great example of how to misuse available space.

And it goes something like this... wolverine and x23, hulk and she hulk, dante and trish. christ, jill, wesker, and oh yeah throw in the tyrant while you are at it, i am sure most of these kids ill eat it up. "oh i almost forgot they almost did that didn't they?, thank god they didn't"

I mean whats the point of all this?

I think one character from each series is good enough, want more from that particular series? fine sell them to those who care enough via DLC.

Just to set the record straight for all you defenders in here.

I don't hate the game, the game in my opinion look and sounds fantastic.

However what i am not too fond about is the roster, which doesn't amuse me in the least thus far. And no i am not crying about it either i am more like disappointed and the same time getting this pathetic feeling towards it.

honestly i think that with a limited space available,whether thats a fact or intensional for monetary reasons ala resident evil co op scheme.

They atleast should had consider to cut the amount of characters coming from one or several particular series.

But again i probably stand alone on this, and i am perfectly content with that.

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AGamerOfConsoles2773d ago

This probably means lupinko and klennox are right. Expect Sentinel and Hsien Ko next.

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