Microsoft CEO: 'Xbox isn't a gaming console'

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer views Xbox 360 as a "family entertainment center" rather than "a gaming console".

The exec told USA Today that the Xbox platform now appeals to a wider audience than just 15-year-old boys, although not yet wide enough for his liking.

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Kran2889d ago

So those living on their own may not play on the 360?


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gaffyh2888d ago

What the hell, why is every comment marked down as trolling or off topic??? Some of them aren't even that bad comments, I smell multi-accounts abuse here...

On topic - I'm pretty sure MS said that this was a bad thing for the PS3, and now they are saying it is a good thing for the 360? I agree that it is a good thing and all, but the hypocrisy is strong in MS.

DualConsoleOwner2888d ago

well that explains extreme lack of games for xbox 360 then.

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Inzo2889d ago

The beginning of the end for the xbox core gamers.

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