Death By Robots - Hello Video

"Our first ever attempt at making a video, so please bear with us and enjoy our awkward idiocracy."

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poe2890d ago

How the fuck does this get approved.

SilverSlug2890d ago

It has a girl on the picture?

poe2890d ago (Edited 2890d ago )

What I said was mean nevermind. Had to edit felt bad.

evrfighter2890d ago (Edited 2890d ago )

nope your gut reaction was right. SInce I have no bubbles to take away I'll just say what everyone wants to say but won't because

1. It seems the chick in video is posting here
2. It's an easy way to lose bubbles

how the hell is this crap news

go spam the youtube comments if you want hits.

Blacktric2890d ago (Edited 2890d ago )

I truly have no idea about how this thing got approved. It's just a video of two opportunists, trying to promote their new website. Its not gaming related, at all. They're just sitting there talking about how they like cats, Mass Effect, Fable, Fallout etc, while randomly cursing. If you want to promote your website, create it, add some content and post the interesting ones like reviews to N4G.

poe2890d ago

I like story brosette.

RogueCheddar2890d ago

Good luck with the new site, it's a mean world out there (by out there I mean N4G)

littlejuicebox2890d ago

I'm used to the haters, its ok :)

Cheers for checking it out!

SilverSlug2890d ago

Was going to ask, why are you wearing a awesome, keep my head warm in Russia hat and like... a tank top woman thing.

Its like me wearing a big jacket and speedos.

- Not hating.


Im sorry we are not hating on u but WTF dose this have to do with video game news??????

poe2890d ago

I hate to post so many comments but looking through the submissions theres a video from machinma that obviously took serious man hours to craft it gets reported to hell, but this quality production is somehow sliding right through, I call BS on that.

littlejuicebox2890d ago

Machinma has made many, many videos. This is our first, so you can't really compare the two.

SilverSlug2890d ago

Its almost a year since I started my site, hope you have fun.

littlejuicebox2890d ago

Hope your site is going well. Thanks for checking ours out.

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