Resolution: Raskulls review

Resolution's Leena van Deventer writes: From the fine folk at Halfbrick Studios who recently offered us Fruit Ninja, Monster Dash, and Age of Zombies on the iOS, comes the long-awaited first of their forays into the Xbox Live Arcade – Raskulls, a puzzle platformer come racing game that features adorable little characters with very pronounced skulls. Raskulls laughs at itself and asks you to laugh with it too, with personality injected into every available crevice via gratuitous spanks and whacks, including the constant throwing of bricks at people in the cutscenes (half-bricks, actually, see what they did there!) andcharming dialogue. Raskulls is adorably self-aware in that old school pantomime way (“What does it do?! It’s important to the plot that’s what it does!” “Pipe down love interest!”) that gives you the motivation to keep clearing levels in the single player campaign just to see what they’re going to say next. It’s that delectable mix of cutesy and difficult that make you think twice about calling it a kid’s game.

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GunPants2885d ago

My wife and I have been really digging on this game!

It is very charming and difficult enough for me to enjoy. It ramps up smooth enough my her also.

Guys these are the kinds of games that will help you get a "girl" into gaming. Don't put her into a halo LAN party and wonder why she hates gaming.