Will Blizzard Have An Answer To DC Universe Online? (Hooked Gamers)

With sales of DC Universe Online going through the roof on the PS3, it certainly proves that console MMO's are profitable and therefore worthy investing in. Blizzard, the undoubted master of the MMO with World of Warcraft on the PC, have been hesitant for years about making an MMO for the consoles. Will they now make a move?

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ikiru33852890d ago

They don't need to answer DC Universe. I'm pretty sure that two MMOs can coexist. Plus they play differently enough to have different users. WoW is so big right now that any other MMO that tries to compete has a LOT of aspects that must be great in order to contend.

Si-Fly2890d ago

Try reading the article before posting. Theyre talking about the success of a "console" mmo and whether Blizzard will respond with WoW on consoles.

ChrisPriestman2890d ago

It's not a case of competing, it's more of a case of whether Blizzard will tread the water with a console MMO if DCUO is successful. They have been toying with the idea for a few years now but always seem to get put off and wait for someone else to attempt to break into the market.

In all cases they have no need to make a console MMO, but with Mr. Kotick at the reigns, and the money grabbing of Activision, I can see Blizzard being pushed to make one.

Darkfiber2890d ago

Initial sales mean nothing. I have seen countless people say they will play it for a month and not resub because of the fee. My guess is the numbers will drop substantially next month.

ECM0NEY2890d ago

Then maybe voice chat will work again