ROQast 20 - Scoopin' Up A Daemon

ROQast Podcast Episode 20 featuring the host of's GameScoop, Daemon Hatfield.

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Titanz2808d ago (Edited 2808d ago )

ROQast actually scooped up a piece of turd?(that guy really hates Nintendo, so my comment was based on that fact).

2808d ago
ColinZeal2807d ago

ROQast isn´t on iTunes after 20 episodes??
Faaail. Come on guys!

JoeIsMad2807d ago

I know, you're right, we should be on iTunes, but we never use it, so it's still a slow work in progress. I provide a direct link to the podcast if you wanted to download it, which you could type in directly on an iPod Touch or iPhone.

ColinZeal2806d ago

Hope you´re not mad Joel ;)

But iTunes gives you a lot of exposure. My first reaction to seeing a podcast I want to hear is to look it up on iTunes.

Getting a podcast episode into the podcast directory can be, not tricky but cumbersome atleast. You guys really should get it up there as the episode was pretty good. So i´m up for listening to more episodes. But i´m not gonna single handedly download podcast episodes. I subscribe to 80-100 different podcasts and appreciate the fact that the get downloaded automatically.

JoeIsMad2806d ago

Just submitted the cast for review on iTunes.

JoeIsMad2806d ago

Yeah, I'm definitely down for posting it up on iTunes, so I'll have to make sure to do that before next Monday, I just never found myself looking into it enough I suppose, as I've always been an Android user. Look forward to our cast on iTunes in the future.