Mass Effect 2 PS3 Requires Large Install

TSA writes:
When we reported that a downloadable version of Mass Effect 2 on the PS3 was to be rolled out, many questioned the need as not only would it take lots of time to download (rumours suggest the download size will be around 12GB) but it would also munch into your valuable hard drive space.

Well we can confirm that no matter which version you go for, your hard drive is going to take a bit of a battering...

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solideagle12807d ago

how many times we need this article?

meetajhu2807d ago

LMAO 5.3gb. The only disadvantage of pc was people had to wait for the game to install and start playing, but now its hilarious that console gamers need to do that, on top of that it needs disc. lol. I mean it all started with Devil May Cry 4 and later MGS4 for every episode and some people are even happy that they bought a 320gb PS3. hahahah

LukaX232807d ago

I'm definitely nit-picking here, but you know there's a difference between GB and Gb, right?

justinb12807d ago (Edited 2807d ago )

The only disadvantage? You mean apart from missing out on what are generally the best games of this gen (console exclusives)?

@lukax23: who said "Gb"? meetajhu (a multi account of meetahju) said gb. That is also wrong as it should indeed be GB, yes.

Man In Black2807d ago

It needs a disc? So do PC games (unless you pirate them, which I'm guessing is what you're admitting to). Anyway, the installations for MGS4 were worth it, annoying as they were. Such an amazing game, not on PC.

Charmers2807d ago

@ Man In Black - I have the PC version and it does not need the disc and no I didn't pirate it. There is a little thing called Digital Distribution which means you can legally buy games and download them. That is how companies such as Steam, Impulse and D2D work.

In future if you are not knowledgeable about how the PC platform works then keep your opinion to yourself.

As for the PS3 needing an install, I understand why it annoys people. One of the key things about consoles was the "stick the disc in and play" argument. However at the end of the day a game will always run better from the hard disc than it will from a Blu-ray drive. SO what you perceive as a disadvantage is actually an advantage.

ct032807d ago (Edited 2807d ago )

"It needs a disc? So do PC games (unless you pirate them, which I'm guessing is what you're admitting to)"

Wow, no wonder there's so much misinformation here about gaming on PC. Ever heard about Steam? Direct2Drive? Impulse? GOG? Amazon Downloads? EA Store? Blizzard Store?

Edit: Charmers beat me by a few seconds.

Man In Black2807d ago

Games can also be downloaded on PS3. Granted not all, but the number is slowly increasing, and it includes Mass Effect 2.

hesido2807d ago

I wish Sony had 4x blurays in PS3's. Games tailored to PS3 obviously does really well in avoiding installs (for western developers, of course).. But, obviously japanese developers are behind (MGS4 was ATROCIOUS in the installation scheme, it lost me so much time when we constantly had to switch levels because my brother was playing a different level), and GT5's install was not favorable), and multiplatform titles are having a hard time with bluray speeds.

Ju2807d ago (Edited 2807d ago )

"Doesn't need a disk on PC"...steam. whater. Same with the PSN version of that said game. Does not need a disk.

Of course, if you buy the download version (either PC or PSN) no disk is required. Thx for stating the obvious.

I have to admit, though, some disk based games install on a PC without the need to putting the disk (e.g. Halo2, GeWO needs it though - and installs 45mins or more).

Not sure why Man in Black got disagrees for stating a fact. ME2 is available as a PSN download.

badz1492807d ago

"However at the end of the day a game will always run better from the hard disc than it will from a Blu-ray drive." - Uncharted1&2, KZ2, GoW3 (all best looking games on PS3) beg to differ! BIG TIME!

meetajhu2807d ago


Fail dude i have all the consoles, though they are impressive for console games they can't beat the beast in 2007 Crysis and upcoming beast RAGE in 2011. BTW i'm becoming famous!

Biggest2807d ago

I have the CE of ME2 on PC and yes, I need the disk in the drive to play the game. You know how you can buy the downloaded version of ME2 on PC? You can do the same thing on the PS3. If you buy the physical copy of the game, you have to install it on the PC and PS3. You need the disk in the drive on the PC and PS3. What are you weirdos even talking about?

radphil2807d ago (Edited 2807d ago )

badz149....he said RUN in loading performance.

And yes you CAN run Mass Effect WITHOUT a disc. It's called Digital Distribution.

You CAN'T do that normally if you bought the physical copy.

Also not every PS3 game can be downloaded via PSN, so I dunno why people are arguing all over this to begin with.

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LukaX232807d ago

How do I get disagrees for a fact? Oh N4G...

Jaces2807d ago

Glad I switched out my old 60G for a 500G. :D

Still though, that's a big chunk of space.

georgeenoob2807d ago

Wow, 12GB?

It's funny how PS3 fans still try to make it seem like they're okay with it, just like any other flaw, even when there's a 12GB install requirement.

BulletProofVess2807d ago

i dont see how its a flaw

i mean even though its optional on xbox

i install all my games as it decreases load times and the disc isnt constantly spinning

additionally id much rather take a 12gb install instead of disc swapping as on my xbox especially when they put the final mission on the first disc

nycredude2807d ago

Idiot that 12 gb is if you buy it on PSN and download the entire game. It's about the same size as when you download the game on Steam. What is th issue? If you buy the disk its 5.4 gb.

blahblah2807d ago

why would that be flaw?

but then again i'll need exactly 0GB for mass effect 2. tried demo of this overhyped game and damn is this mediocre.

shooting is under average, commanding is boring, speech wheel... uuuuaaaahhhh. might even be that story is good, but i don't plan on suffering game play wise just to get trough it. while most disappointing part is graphic presentation. i don't mind if game has bad graphics as long as it has art style and consistency. while mass effect 2 hasn't got that. huge difference between graphics during conversation and action are damn annoying, while conversation look good they are awful to play, on the other hand game play looks like it stole art style and graphic quality from Oni and put really mediocre shooter into it. then again, Oni was good game.

i'm much happier that Venetica was ported from PC/360. i'm really having blast with it.

P_Bomb2807d ago (Edited 2807d ago )

This is why Digital Distribution is not gonna be the norm for console gaming anytime soon. People can't stop bitching about installing the most menial things.

If downloading a 12GB game from PSN is already a "flaw", then there's no hope for digitizing dual layered mega-giggers like GOW3, MGS4 and KZ2. Just stick to the BluRay georgeenoob.

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poe2807d ago

Every game has install. What would you prefer? A sluggish experience while playing the game. Why is this some huge big news story? Big install, big friggin deal. Can you deal with it? Mass Effect 2 will be awesome on PS3 install or not. Who gives a crap.

DoomeDx2807d ago


So people with 40gb Playstations are pretty much fucked if they want to play GT5, LBP2, and Mass Effect 2 every now and then..

justinb12807d ago (Edited 2807d ago )


@below: Got there first :P

RaSSS2807d ago (Edited 2807d ago )

"Well, we can confirm that no matter which version you go for, your hard drive is going to take a bit of a battering, as the retail copy of the game requires 4.5GB of space before you can go ahead and play..."

@above: Ok, you win...xD

The Meerkat2807d ago

I don't own a PS3 but I thought it was fairly well known that you can easily and cheaply stick a MUCH bigger HDD in.

maverick402807d ago

I got my 500GB ps3 hard drive for 60 euros.....perfect.

Man In Black2807d ago (Edited 2807d ago )

Heh, I've still got a 40GB one (had higher-priority purchases lately), and I can't wait to get a bigger one. Have to keep uninstalling and installing games. Wasn't a problem back in 2008-9, when the only games I had were GTA4, Valkyria Chronicles and MGS4, but now, the limitations are really starting to show.

Ju2807d ago

320GB cost about one game. So, big deal. You had since 2008 to save up if you still got a 40GB drive.

Baka-akaB2807d ago

Well those folks have been fucked ever since the ps3 got released . By now they ought to know better and pick a bigger drive

Sarcasm2807d ago

It's 12GB for the PSN version.

Redempteur2807d ago (Edited 2807d ago )

40gb playstation 3 ?
they still exist ?

Either these are casual player ( and they have space left )
or they are now regular gmaers and improved their hard drive months ago.

i conclur : Not an issue

MOVE ON People .Complaining about install times on PS3 is ridiculous ..

Moentjers2807d ago

need to find space on my 640GB

King-Leonidas2807d ago


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MGRogue20172807d ago (Edited 2807d ago )

It's all 'cause of that blu-ray drive, damn it... not complaining though, It's good that they use the hard drive.

All of that sweet space hardly gets used anyway 'cause people normally use 1-2TB media servers as well as external hard drives to store all of their pirated movies & whatnot nowadays, myself included.. hehe

nycredude2807d ago

That is funny most PCs have what like 100X dvds now and all games stil have installs.

Newsflash it's NOT the bluray, as evidence by Uncharted, Killaone, and many other first party exclusives.

Kran2807d ago

Good job the PS3 im getting is 320GB if this were true.

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